Expanding Your Practice with the Most Advanced Laser Technology

As an aesthetic practitioner or laser business owner, you don’t need anyone to tell you the importance of quality, reliable equipment. It’s important to research the various types of advanced laser technology available and understand their differences in quality and efficacy before investing. Learning more about the advanced laser technology will help you find the best laser for your business. Whether you’re looking to provide laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, or similar services, technology matters.

Expanding your clinic’s current offerings and choosing the most advanced laser technology for the new service you’ll be providing will not only increase client satisfaction and profits but also set you apart from competitors.

Astanza is the leading provider of FDA-cleared, medical-grade aesthetic laser devices in the U.S., offering the industry’s most comprehensive support system. Learn more about the differences between tattoo and hair removal laser machines and how Astanza can help you expand your aesthetic practice.


Things to Consider When Researching Aesthetic Laser Devices

Several types of lasers in the market can perform tattoo removal, hair removal, and other aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. While the types of lasers and their functionalities vary greatly, a few key things matter when providing aesthetic laser services.

Practitioners should ensure their device is FDA-cleared. Aesthetic laser devices are considered medical equipment and are regulated by the FDA. Operating an FDA-cleared device is paramount to ensuring your clients’ safety and minimizing risk. Learn more about why FDA clearance matters in this blog post. Other factors to consider when researching the best laser device to expand your aesthetic practice include the service and support provided.

Advanced Laser Technology for Aesthetic Practitioners

The technology in the aesthetic laser industry has advanced significantly in the last decade. Expanding your aesthetic practice with the best technology available will maximize the return on your investment. Astanza offers several models of tattoo removal lasers with different capabilities and features. Two main differences in tattoo removal lasers are the power and wavelengths produced.

Most tattoo removal lasers utilize nanosecond technology for power, while some newer models use picosecond power. The power of the laser refers to how short the pulse duration is. Understanding the difference between nanosecond and picosecond technology is helpful when deciding which makes the most sense for your clinic.

Secondly, there are three laser wavelengths required for full-color spectrum tattoo removal. Most tattoo removal devices produce two primary wavelengths: 1064nm and 532nm, which target the most common ink colors such as blacks, browns, reds, and dark green. Bright blue and green colors, like aquamarine, teal, and turquoise, are resistant to these two laser tattoo removal wavelengths. A ruby laser wavelength, like 694nm, is required to specifically target tattoo inks with vibrant blues and lime greens.

The Astanza Trinity is a powerful nanosecond, triple-wavelength tattoo removal laser that can entirely remove or fade down tattoos with any color. The Astanza Trinity encompasses the three wavelengths required for full-color spectrum tattoo removal in one convenient and carefully designed laser machine. Combining these three wavelengths in one sleek device is the perfect choice for existing laser business owners looking to expand their services thanks to the Trinity’s easy-to-operate interface, various available handpieces, and multiple treatment abilities.

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Another powerful option when choosing the best tattoo removal technology to expand your practice is the Asclepion PicoStar®, backed by Astanza. This laser incorporates the standard 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths but utilizes picosecond technology for its power. A picosecond is one-trillionth of a second and can break up tattoo ink into significantly smaller particles than nanosecond lasers, offering more efficient removal through the body’s lymphatic system. Investing in the PicoStar® allows practitioners to boast about operating the most powerful pico laser on the market, establishing more authority in the marketplace.

Finding the Best Hair Removal Laser for Your Clinic

Hair removal devices vary greatly in terms of how they operate, overall effectiveness, and safety for treating all skin types. Choosing the best hair removal device when adding laser hair removal to your clinic is crucial to maximizing your investment return.

Astanza offers a powerful diode hair removal laser with the largest treatment spot size available in the market, allowing for more efficient appointment times. The Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza, is an enticing option for practitioners who offer unique features for optimal patient care. First is its 360º advanced cooling system, which cools the skin before, during, and after the treatment – providing more comfort and ease for patients.

Secondly, the MeDioStar®’s XL handpiece features the industry’s largest 10cm2 spot size. This impressive size allows for much faster hair removal treatments, increasing patient satisfaction, as you can reduce session durations without sacrificing outcomes. It’s also excellent for clinical efficiency, dramatically reducing the time spent with each patient.

Another advantage of investing in the MeDioStar® is its ability to safely treat all Fitzpatrick skin types, even recently tanned skin. The MeDioStar® houses multiple modes to individualize patient treatment parameters and can provide other aesthetic procedures such as pigmented lesion removal and vascular treatments (with the additional vascular handpiece).

Expanding Your Practice with the Best Technology

Finding the best laser technology to expand your aesthetic practice is only part of the process. Choosing a laser company that also provides exceptional service, clinical training, and business support will put your mind at ease, knowing you’re backed by the best. Anyone who purchases a laser from Astanza receives the Astanza Experience, an all-encompassing support system including our unique Business Builder System, 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, and Lifetime Training and Clinical Support.

Questions? Contact us today! Astanza is here to guide you every step of the way.

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