Skin Resurfacing Laser

Experience Results with Skin Resurfacing

Patients can see a variety of improvements to skin appearance, elasticity, and tone as early as the first treatment. Fine lines are diminished, skin texture feels more consistent, and scars are less apparent.

Impressive results can continue to be seen if a patient receives multiple treatments over time. Laser skin resurfacing is a great repeat procedure as patients love the results and want to continue the progress.

How the Procedure Works

Dermatological skin procedures take less than ten minutes, require no consumables, and are completely painless. Treatments are typically performed on the face, neck, and/or hands. Side effects from the procedure are typically mild. Patients may have a slightly pinkish skin tone as if they had just exfoliated.

Thanks to the greatly limited thermal effects of the Erbium laser, the procedure is less painful than with CO2 lasers. Patients do not require any anesthesia in the treatment of small lesions. Side effects and risks are greatly reduced with this laser. The safety of this treatment makes the Erbium laser the superior choice for delicate areas such as the periorbital region or even the neck, chest, and hands.

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Astanza's Skin Resurfacing Technology

The Asclepion QuadroStarPROYELLOW,       backed by Astanza

Asclepion DermaBlate®,       backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®,           backed by Astanza

Asclepion PicoStar®,               backed by Astanza

The Astanza Trinity

The Astanza                                     Duality Signature

The QuadroStarPROYELLOW laser features a very homogeneous beam profile for safer treatments. The standard handpiece offers high-precision optics with various spot sizes so you can ensure your clients are getting the best skin resurfacing services possible.


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The DermaBlate® is the first laser with a special foot switch that allows physicians to vary the fluence and pulse length, giving them the capability to offer a range of services including treatments for pigmentation.


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Provide long-lasting hair removal treatments with our duo-wavelength (810 nm/940 nm) diode laser with integrated skin-cooling technology that treats all skin colors, including tanned skin.


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The PicoStar®’s versatile wavelength capabilities, ultra-short pulse durations, and high-energy production deliver unmatched efficiency across a variety of aesthetic procedures including the treatment of pigmentation.


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The Trinity’s versatile wavelength capabilities gives it the ability to perform a wide range of services, including treating pigmentation and pigmented lesions.


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In addition to the standard and optional handpieces, the Duality Signature also has additional microbeam handpieces (8 mm DF and 9 mm HC) to expand a provider’s services with laser skin resurfacing.

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