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How Non-Profits are Changing Lives by Offering Laser Tattoo Removal Services

Non-profit organizations understand tattoos can serve as painful reminders of a past people wish to leave behind, which can potentially hinder both personal and professional growth. By providing non-profit laser tattoo removal services, these organizations empower people to break free from the constraints of regrettable experiences, fostering a community centered on positive transformation. Non-profits offering laser tattoo removal are doing more than erasing ink – they’re helping rewrite stories and restoring confidence in those who may not have access to or be able to afford these services otherwise.

Why Non-Profits Choose Astanza

Non-profits choose to work with Astanza for their laser tattoo removal equipment and trainign due to our expertise and reputation. Astanza is a renowned leader in the field of laser tattoo removal technology and the non-profit laser tattoo removal field. Our reputation for producing high-quality, reliable, and effective laser systems is well-established. Non-profits value the expertise Astanza offers as it ensures that nonprofits can provide the best possible tattoo removal services to the individuals that they serve.

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Research Your State Regulations for Laser Tattoo Removal

How Astanza Simplifies the Process of Adding Laser Tattoo Removal to Your Non-Profit

Astanza offers valuable support to non-profit laser tattoo removal businesses looking to make a positive impact in their communities. We assist with equipment selection and financing, providing guidance on choosing the right laser technology and often offering flexible financing options from a variety of lenders. Comprehensive training programs ensure that non-profit staff are well-prepared to operate the equipment safely and effectively. Astanza also aids in developing effective treatment protocols and offers ongoing technical support to maintain reliable services. Their marketing and promotional assistance helps non-profits raise awareness about their mission. Astanza’s commitment to regulatory compliance and equipment updates ensures non-profits can provide safe and cutting-edge laser tattoo removal services to their clients.

Astanza’s commitment to helping these non-profits succeed aligns with their broader mission of making tattoo removal services accessible and effective, ultimately contributing to the well-being and rehabilitation of individuals in need.

Installation and Training

Astanza is deeply committed to delivering a holistic and cost-conscious experience to our non-profit partners. We prioritize your success by starting with the efficient delivery and installation of our advanced laser technology right at your facility’s doorstep. But our dedication doesn’t end there. We tailor on-site training courses to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring that every staff member becomes a laser tattoo removal expert, all while being mindful of budget constraints. We recognize that staff turnover is a common challenge in the non-profit sector, which is why our training programs are designed for cost-effectiveness and ease of transition. Additionally, during training we work with you to bring in patients for treatments, providing your staff with opportunities to gain practical experience and enhance their expertise. This approach not only equips your team to deliver high-quality tattoo removal services but also helps you build a loyal and satisfied client base, all while being conscious of budget limitations. Astanza stands with you every step of the way to achieve excellence in the non-profit sector, focusing on successfully running a cost-effective laser tattoo removal program.

Lifetime Training and Clinical Support

Astanza’s lifetime training and clinical support services play a critical role in addressing the challenge of staff turnover that non-profits often face when offering laser tattoo removal services. In recognition of the cost-conscious nature of non-profit organizations, we appreciate that frequent staff changes can lead to redundant and expensive training efforts. Astanza provides a cost-effective solution by offering comprehensive and ongoing training resources, ensuring that non-profit staff members have access to consistent, high-quality education. Our services not only help mitigate disruptions caused by staff turnover but also ensure that volunteers are well-prepared to deliver safe and effective laser tattoo removal services. With Astanza’s support, we assist non-profit organizations in establishing and maintaining a skilled and dependable team, further enhancing their reputation for top-tier tattoo removal services while being mindful of budget constraints.

Astanza’s commitment to helping these non-profits succeed aligns with their broader mission of making tattoo removal services accessible and effective, ultimately contributing to the well-being and rehabilitation of individuals in need.

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Remove tattoos in fewer sessions with the powerful PicoStar®, designed with 2.0 GW of power and up to 400 ps pulse duration.


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A Triple Wavelength Tattoo Removal System

Produces 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm wavelengths in one device for full-spectrum tattoo removal. Expand your services by treating benign pigmented lesions and offering skin resurfacing treatments.


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Astanza’s First Branded Nanosecond Tattoo Removal Laser

A powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths to remove the most popular ink colors found in tattoos.


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The Zimmer Cryo 6

Create more comfortable laser treatments with the Zimmer Cryo, numbing the skin before, during, and after the session.


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