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Laser Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Removal Training in 2024: Master Your Aesthetic Laser Skills

Get Certified at New Look Laser College and Start Your Tattoo Removal Business Tattoos are now more accepted in the workplace and society as a whole. In fact, almost half of millennials in the United States have at least one tattoo. This increased acceptance has created a growing demand for tattoo artists, providing a potentially […]

A Peek Inside the Most Powerful Pico Laser

A Peek Inside the Most Powerful Pico Laser

Picosecond laser machines have become the newest craze in the world of aesthetics and tattoo removal technology. Their ultra-short pulse duration can precisely remove tattoos and benign pigmented lesions with faster results than nanosecond technology while simultaneously minimizing downtime. As pico laser devices begin to make their mark, learn why practitioners prefer the Asclepion PicoStar®, […]

Duality Signature Provides Powerful Results and Increased Profits

Duality Signature Provides Powerful Results and Increased Profits

Learn how the Duality Signature and its multiple capabilities can increase your aesthetic clinic's profits.

Tattoo Removal in Corrections and Reentry: A Path to Rehabilitation

Tattoo removal in correctional and reentry aids in dismantling cycles of recidivism while clearing paths to successful reintegration. Learn more about laser tattoo removal services in correctional facilities and rehabilitation programs using Astanza's advanced laser technology in this blog.

5 Tips for Tattoo Artists Starting a Tattoo Removal Business

Tattoo removal is a booming industry as the number of inked individuals with accompanying tattoo regret grows. Are you a skilled tattoo artist seeking to elevate your services? Integrating a sought-after treatment like laser tattoo removal into your established business enhances client satisfaction and boosts profitability. However, launching a tattoo removal business requires more than […]

Inside the Laser: The Astanza Duality Signature Tattoo Removal Machine

Learn more about the Astanza Duality Signature and its powerful capabilities by tuning into our upcoming Inside the Laser webinar.