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practitioners choose the MeDioStar for laser hair removal

Why Practitioners Choose the MeDioStar® as Their Diode Laser Technology

Laser hair removal has revolutionized the cosmetic industry, offering an efficient and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. Aesthetic lasers have advanced in recent years, with diode laser technology at the forefront. Practitioners can offer their clients an unparalleled experience that delivers both effectiveness and comfort with the Asclepion MeDioStar® laser hair removal device. Read on […]


FAQs About Laser Hair Removal Unveiled in Upcoming Webinar

Answers to frequently asked questions about laser hair removal! Join us for the first segment of our Hidden Gems educational webinar series. Unlocking the Secrets: FAQs About Laser Hair Removal Unveiled hosted by the experts at Astanza and New Look Laser College.

Benefits of Celebrating National Hair Removal Day on March 3rd

Ridding unwanted hair is one of the top priorities for men and women in the world of self-care and maintenance. March 3rd marks National Hair Removal Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the confidence and liberation that comes with smooth skin thanks to professional hair removal methods, such as laser hair removal. As practitioners in the aesthetic industry, understanding the significance and incorporating this holiday into your promotional business strategy enhances client satisfaction and profitability.

5 Tips for Tattoo Artists Starting a Tattoo Removal Business

Tattoo removal is a booming industry as the number of inked individuals with accompanying tattoo regret grows. Are you a skilled tattoo artist seeking to elevate your services? Integrating a sought-after treatment like laser tattoo removal into your established business enhances client satisfaction and boosts profitability. However, launching a tattoo removal business requires more than […]

Inside the Laser: The Astanza Duality Signature Tattoo Removal Machine

Learn more about the Astanza Duality Signature and its powerful capabilities by tuning into our upcoming Inside the Laser webinar.

Unveiling Success & End Of Year Highlights: Astanza Laser Sits Down with Alan Pontious of UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal

Celebrating achievements, honoring awards, and sharing transformative moments. Check out the highlights of Astanza Client Success in 2023.

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