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Promote Your Business for National Tattoo Removal Day

National Tattoo Removal Day is a prime opportunity for tattoo removal businesses to shine a spotlight on their services. Laser tattoo removal practitioners and business owners – this is your chance to educate the public about the advancements in laser tattoo removal technology, increase your clientele, and solidify your aesthetic business as a leader in […]


Clean Slate Iowa: Empowering Survivors Through Tattoo Removal

At Astanza Laser, we’re dedicated to providing aesthetic laser technology that empowers our clients to deliver exceptional results. However, we recognize the true impact of our lasers goes far beyond aesthetics. We’re constantly inspired by the stories of our clients using Astanza tattoo removal technology to make a positive difference in their communities. This feature […]

Yellow Wavelength Lasers Enhance Aesthetic Practices

Yellow wavelength laser devices are becoming increasingly popular in the aesthetic industry due to their noninvasive nature to perform vascular or pigmentation correction treatments. The Asclepion QuadroStarPROYELLOW, backed by Astanza, is the ultimate solution for aesthetic practices looking to upgrade their services. The Latest Table-Top Laser Technology Aesthetic business owners look for innovative laser technology […]


The DermaBlate® Solves Your Client Needs

Practitioners must stay ahead of the curve with advanced laser technology as aesthetic laser services become increasingly popular. The Asclepion DermaBlate®, a leading medical-grade laser for skin resurfacing backed by Astanza, is a game-changer. Its unique features, such as its ability to rapidly vaporize water in the skin’s tissue, set it apart in the market. […]


Laser Tattoo Removal Programs in Correctional Facilities

In the evolving landscape of criminal justice reform, laser tattoo removal programs in correctional facilities are gaining momentum. These programs are reshaping the futures of formerly incarcerated individuals by providing them with a clean slate, both literally and figuratively. Tattoo-related Stigmas Tattoos can serve as a form of self-expression, cultural identity, or personal history. However, […]


Astanza Ranks #47 in Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Texas™

We’re thrilled to announce that Astanza Laser has been recognized as one of Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces in Texas™! This prestigious honor underscores our commitment to fostering a positive and rewarding work environment for our team. Earning the #47 spot on Fortune’s 2024 Best Workplaces in Texas™ list is an achievement we’re incredibly proud of, […]

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