The Asclepion PicoStar® backed by Astanza

The Most Powerful Pico Laser on the Market

PicoStar® Tattoo Removal Laser

A German-engineered picosecond laser for tattoo removal and more

Revolutionize Your Aesthetic Treatments with the PicoStar®

The Asclepion PicoStar®, backed by Astanza, is a next-generation picosecond tattoo removal laser that makes it possible to emit laser beams with a pulse duration of up to 400 picoseconds. Thanks to this ultra-short pulse length, tattoos can be fragmented into smaller particles than with a nanosecond laser, providing gentler treatments and faster removal by the lymphatic system.

The PicoStar® gives practitioners the ultimate solution for removing unwanted tattoos and more. The PicoStar®’s versatile wavelength capabilities, ultra-short pulse durations, and high-energy production deliver unmatched efficiency across a variety of aesthetic procedures, including tattoo removal, pigmented lesion removal, and treatment of acne scars, wrinkles, and more with the optional MicroSpot PICO handpiece.

The Asclepion PicoStar® is available now in the United States, exclusively from Astanza. Fill out the contact form on this page to learn more about this exciting new technology from Asclepion.

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Versatile for Ink Colors

The PicoStar® laser produces 1064 and 532 nm wavelengths, the most trusted wavelengths for tattoo removal and other aesthetic treatments like benign pigmented lesion removal. This wavelength combination allows the PicoStar® to treat and completely remove ink in nearly all tattoos, making it the perfect choice for virtually every laser tattoo removal practice.

Each wavelength targets a precise set of colors, working together to give practitioners a solution against colorful tattoos. The 1064 nm wavelength is ideal for treating darker ink colors (black and brown), and the 532 nm wavelength is effective against brighter ink colors (red, orange, and yellow). Together, these two wavelengths target the most popular tattoo ink colors.

Efficacy of various laser wavelengths in treating specific ink colors

Tattoo ink colors

If treatment of rare, resistant colors (such as bright blues or greens) is important to your practice, consider adding on the Astanza Eternity laser for full-spectrum tattoo removal.


Maximizing Treatment at Every Stage

The Asclepion PicoStar®‘s high max energy aids in maximizing ink clearance and delivering optimal results for every skin type.


Choosing The Right Tattoo Removal Solution

Unmatched by competitive systems, the PicoStar® delivers superior power for better ink shattering and faster fading with each treatment. Patients will experience better results in fewer treatments than other competitive systems, all while returning their skin to its natural look.


Download the PicoStar® Product Brochure!

Learn more about the Asclepion PicoStar® Laser Treatment Machine including spot sizes, power, wavelengths, and more! Download your own printable copy to learn more about the most powerful picosecond tattoo removal laser on the market.

Better Results in Fewer Treatments

The PicoStar® laser combines an ultrafast pulse with high energy to effectively shatter more ink particles with each session, giving clients faster results in fewer overall treatments.

The Asclepion PicoStar®, backed by Astanza, features high power that can destroy ink particles in a precise manner and with less disruption to the patient’s skin. This gives the patient confidence to continue treatment and see tattoo removal all the way to the end.

This increased power leads to better clearance and faster results. In this case, more truly is better.

PicoStar® Technical Specifications

1064 nm, 532 nm

Tattoo Removal (black and brown tattoos with 1064 nm; red, orange, and yellow tattoos with 532 nm), Benign Pigmented Lesions, Acne Scars, and Wrinkle Treatments*

*MicroSpot PICO handpiece required to perform acne scars and wrinkle treatments

Pulse Duration
Up to 400 ps
2 GW
Repetition Rate (Hz)
.5 Hz – 10 Hz
Spot Sizes

Zoom ST: 2 – 5 mm

Flat-Top: 532 3 mm; 5mm

Flat-Top: 1064 10 mm; 16 mm

MicroSpot PICO*: 7 x 7 mm2

*MicroSpot PICO handpiece required to perform acne scars and wrinkle treatments

Electrical Requirement
220-230 V AC 50/60 Hz, 16 A

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