Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Treating Unwanted Hair

Light-based treatments are highly effective for performing hair removal and are one of the most commonly sought-after aesthetic procedures in the United States. This popular procedure adds significant profit to any practice and provides a long-lasting solution for patients who are tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing.

About Laser Hair Removal

Though there are many benefits to hair growth, such as warmth and insulation, hair has become a cosmetic nuisance for women and men alike. Treating unwanted hair is one of the main cosmetic concerns in America, especially for people who have excessive amounts of hair on visible areas of the body including the upper lip, hands, feet, bikini, back, legs, and arms.

While there are several methods for temporarily removing unwanted hair (shaving, plucking, and waxing), the unwanted hair eventually grows back and requires constant maintenance. Astanza’s light-based treatments are an alternative that gives long-lasting results, using a broad-based light to target and heat the melanin in a hair follicle, ultimately disabling further hair growth and killing the production of unwanted hair. This diode hair removal laser method is safe to use on all skin types and hair colors.

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The Hair Removal Procedure

During treatment, a light-based system emits bright flashes of light into the skin where the unwanted hair resides. After being absorbed, the light energy then heats up and damages the hair follicles.

Because hair grows in different stages, multiple treatments are needed to target the hair follicles during their growth phase. Each pulse of light energy takes a matter of seconds and treats multiple hairs at once, making this procedure very quick and easy to perform.

Typical Results

Most patients require 5 to 8 hair removal treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart to achieve desired results. Light-based systems are some of the longest-lasting methods for treating unwanted hair, eliminating the need for bothersome methods like shaving or plucking that require continual management.

Astanza's Hair Removal Laser

Asclepion MeDioStar® backed by Astanza

360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Small

360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Medium

360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Large and Extra-Large

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Provide long-lasting hair removal treatments with our duo-wavelength (810 nm/940 nm) diode laser with integrated skin-cooling technology that treats all skin colors, including tanned skin. Learn More

Treat smaller areas like upper lips or peach fuzz with more accuracy in minutes.


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Remove unwanted hair from the armpits or back of the neck with the medium handpiece.


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Treat a full back or a pair of legs with either larger Monolith handpiece options.


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