The Asclepion MeDioStar® backed by Astanza

The fastest, most powerful, diode hair removal laser available.

MeDioStar Diode Hair Removal Laser

The MeDioStar® diode laser is revolutionizing your business’s hair removal treatment and other aesthetic procedures thanks to its intuitive design and leading advancements in laser machine technology. Featuring a cutting-edge cooling system, an industry-leading spot size, numerous treatment capabilities, improved overall user experience, and much more, this laser is the preferred choice for aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and leading medical spas looking to provide fast hair removal services to their clients.

The Monolith Handpiece Series with 360° Skin Cooling

The MeDioStar® laser machine’s Monolith handpieces have been completely redeveloped from scratch. They are more ergonomic, lighter, stronger, and have a more flexible cable for easy and comfortable use. The 360° contact skin cooling system cools the epidermis very efficiently, protects the skin from burns, and enables laser treatment in any direction so you can keep your clients comfortable.

The MeDioStar®‘s advanced technology ensures the even distribution of energy over the entire spot, prevents the formation of hotspots, and reduces the risk of side effects. The sapphire tip also provides optimal protection of the fiber bundle and maximum reliability. Multiple treatment methods for your hair removal service needs are also offered thanks to the two-handpiece port system.

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The most powerful, long-lasting, fast hair removal diode laser system

Maximum Power, Mix of Wavelengths, and Dynamic Mode

This one-of-a-kind laser machine using diode technology features a wavelength combination of 810/940 nm, variable pulse length (3–400 ms), and a cooling system that guarantees the safe treatment of all skin types (I–VI), even newly tanned skin. With the power of up to 5,000 watts and an industry-leading spot size of 10 cm2, the MeDioStar® also enables faster treatment times and a greater penetration depth to destroy deeply embedded hair follicles to allow you to serve your clients with the most efficient hair removal services.

The dynamic mode allows short pulses at a high frequency of up to 20 Hz. All these features make hair removal treatment services more effective, faster, and more comfortable than ever before.

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Hygienic Single Use Cap

The MeDioStar® comes with a flexible single-use cap to ensure the greatest possible level of hygiene during treatment. It individually adapts to each Monolith handpiece and can easily be applied to the handpiece tip before each skin type or fast hair removal treatment.

Patients can rest assured knowing they’re being treated with the safest, most hygienic measures thanks to this innovative accessory.

Multifunctional Trolley & Upgrades

The MeDioStar® technology was developed as a tabletop system and has a visually appealing design that offers two storage compartments for additional accessories. The system can be easily upgraded with plug-and-play high-tech modules in the future to expand the number of treatment options you’re able to provide at your aesthetic practice.

The added storage space within the device, ergonomic wheels for easy transportation, and the MeDioStar®‘s sleek and elegant design make this diode laser the most intuitive, practitioner-friendly laser hair removal machine on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade your business’s laser hair removal equipment, this diode laser machine for fast hair removal is perfect for you.

MeDioStar Laser System Technical Specifications

Max. 5000 W
755, 810, 940 nm
Intended for surgical, aesthetic and cosmetic applications in the medical specialties of general and plastic surgery and dermatology. The MeDioStar is intended for hair removal and benign vascular lesions.*

*VAS handpiece needed for vascular treatments.
Pulse Duration
3 – 400 ms
Max. 20 Hz
Static, Dynamic
10.1” LCD with touchscreen
31 x 71.5 x 97cm3
Vascular Handpiece
Spot Size
1 cm2
(10 x 10 mm)
1.5 cm²
(15 x 10 mm)
3 cm²
(30 x 10 mm)
10 cm²
(31.5 x 31.5 mm)
.12 cm²
(4 x 3 mm)
Max. 1275 W
Max. 1700 W
Max. 3400 W
Max. 5000 W
Max. 250 W
1 – 50 J/cm2
1―60 J/cm²
1―60 J/cm²
1―25 J/cm²
1 – 210 J/cm²
Pulse Duration
3 – 400 ms
4 – 400 ms
5 – 400 ms
6 – 400 ms
3 – 400 ms
810 / 940 nm
811 / 940 nm
812 / 940 nm
813 / 940 nm
940 nm

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