The Carbon
Wave Patch

Laser Induced Acoustic Wave Patch

The Carbon Wave Patch is a hydrogel patch, embedded with carbon black that is activated with the energy of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Each one is a 8″ x 4″ single-use patch that can be cut into smaller pieces and treat small areas more comfortably.

Healthcare Professionals, Aesthetic Professionals, and Med Spa owners can add this accessory to their clinic to treat cellulite and diminish dimples on the body. With the use of an Astanza Q-switched laser, this patch creates an intense Acoustic Wave of energy (up to 12MPa) to effectively remove cellulite.

To get the best results, it is recommended to perform two sessions, separated by a three to four week interval. Each treatment requires two patches, takes less than 10 minutes, has no downtime and is non-invasive. 

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Before & After Photos

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Carbon Wave Patch Before - Legs 1Carbon Wave Patch After - Legs 1
Carbon Wave Patch Before - Buttocks 1Carbon Wave Patch After - Buttocks 1
Carbon Wave Patch Before - Buttocks 4Carbon Wave Patch After - Buttocks 4
Carbon Wave Patch Before - Buttocks 2Carbon Wave Patch After - Buttocks 2
Carbon Wave Patch Before - Legs 2Carbon Wave Patch After - Legs 2
Carbon Wave Patch Before - Buttocks 3Carbon Wave Patch After - Buttocks 3

Carbon Wave Patches

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