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Maintenance Without Hassle

Astanza’s technical service department offers installation, troubleshooting, and repair for all of our client’s lasers. Call the toll-free number (800) 364 – 9010 for any support issues and our responsive service engineers will work with you to ensure that your Astanza system performs at its best.

You may also fill out the form on this page or send an email with as much detail as possible to

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Immediate, Expert Support

Astanza’s factory-trained laser technicians have extensive experience working on Q-switched laser systems for unparalleled expertise in the industry.

Compared to typical jack-of-all-trades laser technicians, Astanza technicians have superior Q-switched laser knowledge, which translates to better diagnosis and repair of sensitive system components.

Not all laser manufacturers have service technicians on staff – some other companies hire freelancers to take care of customer laser maintenance. 100% of Astanza’s technical work is performed by internal, full-time employees. Also, our in-house technical work allows us to boast the best service turnaround times of any Q-switched laser company in the US.

Astanza technicians are able to resolve many issues over the phone but are also able to travel to your location to diagnose and resolve technical issues. Technical support can be reached at 800-364-9010 for assistance.

All Astanza lasers are quality produced and inspected, plus come with industry-standard warranties and a 3-Business Day Service Guarantee. This guarantee is provided for as long as a client owns their Astanza laser and promises to resolve any laser issues and have the laser in working condition within 3 business days after a client calls, emails, or leaves a voicemail stating an issue or requesting the initiation of a service visit.

Protect Your Investment - Become an Astanza VIP

While Astanza is quick to respond to any laser issues with our 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, all lasers still need regular preventative maintenance by licensed technicians to perform optimally and give effective treatments. Extended coverage is a smart choice for busy practitioners whose practices depend on well-functioning systems.  After your initial warranty period is over, you can decide to continue your VIP experience with Astanza by maintaining an extended service plan.

The laser industry has a bad reputation for gouging practitioners for service plans and warranties. At Astanza, we treat our customers as VIPs and strive to provide the most affordable extended warranties in the industry. Because Astanza systems feature top-quality engineering, the cost of maintenance is minimal – and we pass those savings on to our customers.


Client Love | A La Carte Repairs

If you are an Astanza client on a VIP plan and we can’t or don’t have your laser in working condition within three full business days of you contacting us, we will extend your VIP plan by one month per day with a maximum of six months.

However, you are never locked into an extended warranty as your only option. If a service plan does not make sense for your business model, you can still have expert Astanza maintenance and repairs for your laser.

Astanza offers affordable, convenient a la carte service options to customers to give them a safety net for past-warranty machines. Many laser manufacturers force customers to pay for extended warranties and otherwise refuse to provide service.

As per our 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, Astanza clients who receive an a la carte laser repair that is not met with a working laser within three business days of receipt of full payment (unless the client chooses a later service date), will receive a 20% discount on any parts needed.

At Astanza, our commitment to customers extends for the entire life of your machine, and we aim to give you smart options that fit your budget.

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