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Lasers have forever transformed the health and wellness industry by providing momentous results with minimal invasiveness. Astanza is the leading laser provider in the U.S. when it comes to laser tattoo and hair removal machines. As one of the most well-known companies in the industry, its focus is on educating clients, helping them build successful businesses, as well as having a strong humanitarian approach – improving the lives of many. At the heart of Astanza are revolutionary products and technology. With the growing needs of both patients and healthcare practitioners for cutting-edge solutions, Astanza provides innovative products that are key for cosmetic and medical procedures.

Whether it’s laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, or skin resurfacing, Astanza’s wide range of products ensures quality procedures your clients will be happy with. However, variations in treatment require different lasers with specific wavelengths that target different skin concerns.

Some of our laser machines specialize in correcting pigmentation irregularities. By infiltrating the melanin on the skin’s surface, certain laser beams can minimize the appearance of dark spots. Other laser treatment machines specialize in targeting red pigment, penetrating blood vessels, capillaries, and even acne scars. Some lasers, such as the Asclepion MeDioStar®, can treat undesired hair follicles with the largest spot size for fast and efficient results. The Asclepion PicoStar® and Astanza Trinity lasers provide the safest, most effective method of removing unwanted ink. Laser tattoo removal technology has come a long way, and Astanza’s laser tattoo removal devices are the most advanced on the market.

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Tattoo Removal Lasers

Asclepion PicoStar® backed by Astanza

Astanza Trinity

Astanza Duality Signature

Astanza EternityTSR

The Most Powerful Picosecond Laser on the Market

Remove tattoos in less sessions with the powerful PicoStar®, designed with 2.0 GW of power and up to 400 ps pulse duration.

A Triple Wavelength Tattoo Removal System

Produces 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm wavelengths in one device for full-spectrum tattoo removal.

Astanza’s First Branded Nanosecond Tattoo Removal Laser

A powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths to remove the most popular ink colors found in tattoos.

An Advanced Ruby Laser for Resistant Ink Colors

A cutting-edge ruby laser with a 694 nm wavelength to remove vivid blue, green, and purple ink.

Hair Removal Laser

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

The Most Powerful Diode Laser in the Market Provide long-lasting hair removal treatments with our duo-wavelength (810 nm/940 nm) diode laser with integrated skin-cooling technology that treats all skin colors, including tanned skin.
360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Small Treat smaller areas like upper lips or peach fuzz with more accuracy in minutes.
360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Medium Remove unwanted hair from armpits or back of a neck with the medium handpiece.
360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Large and Extra-Large Treat a full back or a pair of legs with either larger Monolith handpiece options.

Other Types of Laser Equipment

The Asclepion QuadroStar PROYELLOW Backed by Astanza

The Asclepion QuadroStar PRO
YELLOW, backed by Astanza

The First Yellow Table Top Laser for Pigmented Lesions and Vascular Treatments

The Asclepion DermaBlate® Backed by Astanza

The Gold Standad for Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Zimmer Cryo 6

An Advanced Cooling System for More Comfortable Treatments

With the wide variety of laser devices out there, it can be challenging to pick the right machines and brands to partner with for your practice. By using Astanza technology, you know you’ll be treating your patients with safe and effective equipment. Our state-of-the-art products ensure reliable high performance that is safe for all skin types, providing unbeatable results that your clients will be happy with. Take a look at some of our free aesthetic laser business resources below!

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