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Tattoo Removal in Corrections and Reentry: A Path to Rehabilitation

Tattoo removal in correctional and reentry aids in dismantling cycles of recidivism while clearing paths to successful reintegration. Learn more about laser tattoo removal services in correctional facilities and rehabilitation programs using Astanza's advanced laser technology in this blog.

Astanza Client Success: 2023 Highlights

Celebrating achievements, honoring awards, and sharing transformative moments. Check out the highlights of Astanza Client Success in 2023.
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Changing Lives Together: Astanza’s Tattoo Removal Community Day

At Astanza Laser, our mission extends beyond providing advanced aesthetic laser technology; it’s about transforming lives and leaving a lasting impact on our community. One way we aim to show our commitment to this mission is through our Community Day initiative, which takes place about every six weeks or so. Astanza started Community Day as […]

Empowering Transformation: Launching Your Non-Profit Tattoo Removal Service with Astanza’s Expertise

Tattoos can carry a heavy burden for some individuals, especially those trying to leave behind a life where they were formerly incarcerated, gang-affiliated, or affected by human trafficking. Serving people who have had these life experiences is where non-profit tattoo removal services can be significantly transformative. If you’re considering starting a non-profit tattoo removal service […]

Client Feature: Changing Lives with Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal

We’re kicking spring off with an amazing Show Off Your Shop feature highlighting Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal in Rochester, NY. Astanza prides itself on offering the best technology in the aesthetic laser industry, but it’s client relationships like these that make us shine. Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal opened in the summer of 2022 and has quickly become […]

Astanza Clients Changing Lives with Non-profit Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have been a popular form of body art for centuries, but what happens when someone decides they no longer want their tattoo? Before the invention of lasers, the only options were to live with the tattoo or undergo a painful, expensive, and scarring removal process. However, in recent years, non-profit organizations specializing in laser […]