The Zimmer Cryo 6

Increase Your Patients’ Comfort During Laser Treatments

Cryo Air Chiller Machine

The optional Cryo 6 by Zimmer is used by many Astanza practitioners to numb patient skin for laser tattoo removal treatments. It is used to minimize pain and thermal injury for patient comfort and overall satisfaction. The Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller Machine increases patient comfort and reduces pain, all while adding professionalism to the tattoo removal treatment experience. Featuring easy-to-use customizable settings, this cryotherapy device for skin numbing gives both patients and practitioners complete control over the level of cooling during treatments. This device will give your patients booking tattoo removal appointments the confidence in the comfort levels they’ve been searching for.

Astanza distributes the Cryo 6 on behalf of Zimmer MedizinSystems with attractive pricing and fast delivery. These systems are the gold standard in skin numbing and pain reduction in the laser industry for their convenience and reliability, and all Cryo 6 systems include a warranty directly from Zimmer.

Freezing Cold Air Machine for Skin Numbing and Maximum Comfort

The Cryo machine directs freezing cold air (-30°C) deep into the skin where the ink is located, mitigating any discomfort or pain associated with the laser. Unlike other cooling methods, the Cryo 6 can cool the epidermis before, during, and after laser treatment, making it the only cooling method that can be used during a laser procedure for fast, prolonged numbing of the treatment area.

By simply blowing this cold air on the skin for a few minutes, the skin will be thoroughly cooled for tattoo removal―reducing pain and risk of thermal injuries.

Zimmer Cryo 6 for Laser Tattoo Removal

Cost-Efficient Numbing Method

The majority of skin-numbing solutions, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray, or ice packs, are consumables and are expensive and tedious to manage over time.

There are no consumables associated with the Cryo 6 machine, reducing the impact of costly supply. The Zimmer Cryo 6 is a powerful and reliable system for heavy, everyday operations and is a great addition to any aesthetic laser practice that wants a fast and effective numbing option for patients.

The Cryo 6 device is an affordable, essential asset to any high-volume tattoo removal practice. Not to mention, patients love it and are more likely to come back for their next treatment when used, which helps the device pay for itself.

Focusing Tip for Targeted Comfort

One of the greatest features of the Cryo 6 is the focusing tip accessory. The focusing cryotherapy tip is an attachable piece that can easily be inserted or removed at the end of the Cryo’s lengthy 6-foot hose. The focusing tip gives practitioners and patients a more precise, controlled stream of air to the treatment site where the intended tattoo will be removed. Professionals can easily use this machine since it’s set up for all levels of usage. Because of its easy-to-use features, you will feel confident in the machine’s ability to do its job while you do yours.

This feature works great on a wide variety of tattoos, especially for patients looking to remove only a specific portion of their tattoo. Many practitioners also find it helpful to give patients full control of the Cryo 6 hose, focusing their attention on directing the air flow and away from the laser.

This type of interaction helps patients feel more involved in the removal process, ushering quality referrals and positive feedback for you and your tattoo removal practice’s business.

Easy to Use and No Start Up Time

Adjustable to Your Needs

The machine is easy to use and starts at the push of a button. The Cryo 6 chiller offers a choice of 9 varying air flows with the max level being 1,000 liters per minute.

This impressive rate of cold air flow matched with its chilling air temperature capabilities will numb your patient’s skin in a matter of minutes, relieving any pain or fear associated with the procedure. This personalized cryo machine has revolutionized tattoo removal procedures forever.

This feature allows you to customize the intensity of skin cooling based on the patient’s needs and the treatment’s requirements. Practitioners across the US who have invested in the Cryo 6 by Zimmer have seen a large increase in patient comfort and satisfaction. This skin-numbing cold air machine for patient comfort will take your tattoo removal practice to a whole new level. Order your chiller device or contact our team for specific inquiries today!

Zimmer Cryo 6 Laser System Technical Specifications

Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller
Power Supply
115V / 60Hz
Power Input Max
1 KW
Stand-By Function
260 W/h
Protection according to IEC 601-1
Class 1, Type BMDD/MPG: Class IIa
Treatment tube length
6 ft
Housing Dimensions
H 25″ / W 15″ / L 27″
132 lbs. (including glass plate)
Therapy Air Flow
9 levels, max. 1000 I/min

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