3-Business Day Service Guarantee

Solving Your Laser Issues in 3-Business Days, Guaranteed.

Supporting You Every Step of the Way

As a client who purchased their laser directly from Astanza, you will be covered by the Three-Business Day Service Guarantee as long as you own your Astanza laser.

In the event your Astanza laser is not operational or will not fire, our service department guarantees that we will have your laser back up and running within three business days from the time we receive the service request. You can send these requests by calling the Astanza phone number, leaving a voicemail for service, or sending an email to: service@astanzalaser.com

If you are under a VIP Plan and we do not have your laser in working condition within three business days of contacting us, we will extend your VIP plan by one month for each day the laser was down after the first three business days up to six months.

If you pay for an à la carte visit and we do not have your laser in working condition within three business days of receiving full payment (unless you choose to schedule your service at a later date), you will receive a 20% discount on any parts replaced during your service visit.

Discounts received from Brand Promise may not be combined with other offers or specials.

Contact Information for Reporting a Service Issue

Report a service issue at (800) 364-9010. In addition, clients can send an email to: service@astanzalaser.com

You may also fill out the Astanza Request Service Page form by clicking here.

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