Top Numbing Methods for Laser Tattoo Removal and How They Work

As a medical spa practitioner, laser technician, or aesthetic provider, the main hesitation you may have with tattoo removal lasers is what are the top numbing methods to provide your patients. For those who aren’t as familiar with how laser tattoo removal works, two of the most frequently asked questions in the industry are, “Is tattoo removal painful?” or “What does laser tattoo removal feel like?”.

If you haven’t added laser tattoo removal to your array of services from fear of providing a potentially painful treatment, it’s important to know what tools there are to maximize comfort. There are various methods of numbing and pain reduction for laser tattoo removal treatment, and understanding the options and finding the best method for your practice is essential.

Top Numbing Methods for Laser Procedures

There are multiple ways to soothe the skin before, during, and after performing laser tattoo removal. Differences between these cooling techniques to evaluate include availability, consumables needed, and time spent to perform the method. Consider these factors to find the option that provides the most effective and comfortable form of skin numbing for your patients and makes the most sense for your business.

Ice Packs

If you perform laser tattoo removal treatments in a smaller volume, providing ice packs to your patients may be a good numbing solution. Ice packs can be a cost-efficient way to significantly numb the skin quickly. However, a patient cannot receive constant cooling to the skin while getting the laser tattoo removal procedure – the ice pack can only be used to alleviate tattoo removal pain before or after the treatment.

Numbing Creams

A common method patients use is numbing creams before their laser tattoo removal appointment to help cool the skin. Creams that include benzocaine or lidocaine as active ingredients can help numb the skin and create a less painful treatment, but there are mixed reviews on its effectiveness. There are also restrictions on the max percentage of lidocaine that’s available over the counter; the highest percentage available by non-medical personnel or without a prescription is 5%. Anything higher than that requires a prescription.

One of the main downsides is the amount of time it takes for the numbing cream to take effect. Most creams should be applied at least 30 to 45 minutes before a treatment for that area to be numbed by the time the laser hits the skin. This means patients must apply the cream at home. If the patient needs more of a numbing effect during the treatment, they won’t be able to apply a cream before the treatment is done.

Lidocaine Injections

A more invasive option is having lidocaine injections as a local anesthetic. These injections are less popular than other numbing agents since medical professionals are the only people able to provide them. They are an affordable numbing method, but they take time to provide and take effect before treatment, adding to a practitioner’s overall average appointment time. Another potential downside to choosing this skin-soothing method is how comfortable it makes your patients feel. Some may have a fear of needles, rejecting treatment with an injection.

The Zimmer Cryo 6 Top Numbing Method

The Zimmer Cryo 6 machine is the number one cold air machine to emit freezing cold air to the targeted area when removing tattoos. Unlike other numbing methods, the cold air can be applied to the skin before, during, and after a laser treatment. This is one of the top numbing methods as it directs -30oC air deep into the skin where the ink is located, removing as much discomfort or pain as possible associated with the laser. After cooling the skin for a few minutes, a patient can be ready for treatment while reducing pain and the potential risk of thermal injuries.

One of the great parts about the Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling machine is that your patient can take control of the device’s hose. This way, the patient has the ability to numb their skin and direct the air where they want the cooling effect the most during their treatment while also keeping them occupied during the procedure.

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Benefits of Using the Zimmer Cryo 6

One of the main advantages of using the Zimmer Cryo 6 freezing cold air machine is that it improves overall laser tattoo removal treatment outcomes. By reducing pain and swelling, the Cryo ensures patients have a faster recovery time and ultimately more effective results. This increases patient satisfaction – ensuring you get more positive reviews and referrals from them.

Another advantage is that the Cryo is a safe, effective, and easy-to-use tool during laser removal treatments. The device has safety features that will make sure the air does not get too cold and the machine doesn’t overheat, preventing any risk of skin damage or other complications. The device also can be used before, during, and after the tattoo removal session – giving the patient the most comfortable experience possible for their laser tattoo removal appointment.

Lastly, the Zimmer Cryo 6 can be a great marketing tool as a unique service or add-on you offer at your aesthetic laser clinic or medical spa practice. Practitioners can set themselves apart from competitors and attract new patients looking for a safe and less painful way to remove their unwanted tattoos.

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