Astanza Clients Changing Lives with Non-profit Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have been a popular form of body art for centuries, but what happens when someone decides they no longer want their tattoo? Before the invention of lasers, the only options were to live with the tattoo or undergo a painful, expensive, and scarring removal process. However, in recent years, non-profit organizations specializing in laser tattoo removal have emerged, providing a valuable service to those in need. These organizations and businesses are changing lives with laser tattoo removal.

Jails to Jobs is a nonprofit organization that equips previously incarcerated and soon-to-be-released individuals with various resources to help secure employment and re-enter the workforce and society. In a recent article, Jails to Jobs features two female-owned laser tattoo removal businesses changing lives with laser tattoo removal. The spotlight is shone on two Astanza clients using their laser technology to offer free laser tattoo removal to men and women in need. Keep reading to learn more about the nonprofit laser tattoo removal industry and the amazing work Ink Eraser and Regretful Heart are doing in their cities.

Astanza Clients are Changing Lives with Laser Tattoo Removal

Erase the Hate with Ink Eraser Laser Tattoo Removal

In the article, Jails to Jobs highlights Cassie Farkas-Squires, owner of Ink Eraser Laser Tattoo Removal in Wexford, PA, and Jessica Sebastian of Regretful Heart in Richmond, VA. These laser practices are renowned in their areas and specialize in removing unwanted tattoos. While they are for-profit businesses, Cassie and Jessica use their lasers to help individuals who want to remove their tattoos but cannot afford to do so.

CassieFarkas-769x1024Cassie attended Astanza’s laser tattoo removal training division, New Look Laser College, two years ago and opened her business in 2021. She saw an opportunity to provide more than just laser removal which launched Ink Eraser’s Erase the Hate program, which offers no-cost removal of tattoos on the hands, face, or neck of individuals who have been incarcerated, had tattoos during incarceration, are reformed gang members, have racist tattoos, and are survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking.

Ink Eraser’s Erase the Hate program has helped 28 clients so far using the Astanza Duality and hopes to grow that number as the business continues to expand. “All I ask is that someone will reach out and tell me their story, she says. “I require a letter of recommendation from a parole office, a sponsor, or a therapist — someone other than a family member,” said Cassie Farkas-Squires. “I’m super grateful to be at the point in my business where I can give back. There were many times when I thought it would never happen. But I have equipment that can help people change their lives.”

Regretful Heart Provides Free Tattoo Removal for Local County Jail

Jessica got connected with Astanza Laser during the pandemic and was searching for a career change. She had gotten tattoos at the age of 16 and had heard of laser tattoo removal, and knew it was an industry she wanted to be a part of. “[Astanza] provided the Trinity laser, got me my certification, and trained me to do everything,” Jessica Sebastian said. “They’re very supportive. They also had somebody help me with marketing strategies.”

JessieSebastian-665x1024With Richmond being the third most tattooed city per capita in the U.S., Jessica knew she was in the perfect market to offer laser tattoo removal. Most of her competitors are high-end spas that charge high prices, and Jessica dreamed of making the process more affordable for her customers. That’s when an email arrived in her inbox one day. Sheriff Karl Lenoard of Chesterfield County Jail had started the Heroin Addiction Recovery Program (HARP) for inmates and sought a laser provider to help the participants remove inhibiting tattoos.

Since then, Regretful Heart has seen 23 inmates and was even featured in discovery+’s docuseries on the Heroin Addiction Recovery Program. “You get to see people grow mentally and better themselves and get out and better society,” she said. “They’re my favorite clients. It’s a break from their jail. So they get to smile. They get to be goofy. I’ve never been uncomfortable. It’s heartwarming.”

The Power of Changing Lives with Laser Tattoo Removal

Businesses and non-profit organizations with free laser tattoo removal services provide a much-needed solution for numerous individuals and communities that often get overlooked. By offering affordable or even free tattoo removal services, these organizations help individuals with tattoos associated with gang membership, human trafficking, or domestic abuse escape from their past and start fresh.

The impact of these organizations goes beyond physical appearance. For many people, a tattoo is a reminder of a painful or traumatic event. Removing it can be a powerful step toward healing. Non-profit organizations can help individuals take control of their lives, break free from the past, and start a new chapter. It’s organizations and businesses like these that are changing lives with laser tattoo removal.

In addition to the benefits for individuals, non-profit organizations offering laser tattoo removal services can also positively impact their communities. For example, removing tattoos associated with gang membership can help reduce gang violence and improve public safety. Similarly, eliminating tattoos related to human trafficking or domestic abuse can help survivors feel safer and more empowered.

Overall, non-profit organizations help break down barriers to healing and promote positive change in their communities. Astanza is proud to partner with non-profit clients like Ink Eraser, Regretful Heart, Homeboy Industries, Tattoo Removal Ink, and so many more as they strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

Want to learn more about starting your own laser tattoo removal non-profit organization? Contact Astanza today, and one of our account representatives will gladly assist you!

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