Tattoo Removal Business Spotlight: Step Into UNBRANDED Austin

Tattoo Removal Business Spotlight: Step Into UNBRANDED Austin

Welcome back to the anticipated continuation of Astanza’s journey with UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal. In part one of this feature, we celebrated alongside Alan Pontious and his team as they achieved a significant milestone: paying off their laser and attaining financial freedom. This triumph is not only a testament to hard work but also a beacon of inspiration for many in the aesthetic laser industry.

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Today, we have the pleasure of diving deeper into the UNBRANDED universe as we step into their newly updated laser tattoo removal studio space. Join us as we explore the evolution of excellence and congratulate Alan Pontious and UNBRANDED.

Growth at UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal Business

In a recent interview, Alan Pontious, the visionary behind UNBRANDED Austin, shares the growth he’s experienced since opening his tattoo removal business doors. Alan shares an empowering story of starting an aesthetic laser business alone and growing that business to financial freedom in 2023 – a success he achieved in only three years!

This interview also provides insight behind the name of UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal. Alan explains, “This kind of gives that aura of a time that used to be. You’re coming in to have a tattoo removed – you’re aspiring toward a retroactive look of what your skin was before you got branded. So that’s how it all ties in.”

Since our last conversation with Alan Pontious, exciting changes have taken place. The laser tattoo removal business has undergone extensive renovations, aligning with UNBRANDED’s commitment to providing top-notch services in a pristine environment. The updated workspace reflects their dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and their passion for the art of tattoo removal.

Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of UNBRANDED Austin’s brand new and improved space!

When explaining the inspiration behind UNBRANDED’s logo and studio space, Alan explains “It rides on with that momentum of the retro-futuristic lore that my clients may share with me.” 

Every detail reflects Alan’s commitment to excellence and innovation – the sleek design, advanced aesthetic laser equipment, and warm atmosphere sets UNBRANDED Austin apart. The treatment rooms boast the best aesthetic laser technology; ensuring clients receive the most advanced and effective laser tattoo removal services. The modern design enhances the overall experience, making UNBRANDED not just a destination for tattoo removal but a haven for those seeking a professional and comfortable atmosphere.

Check out the full video tour of UNBRANDED’s space, here!

Transitioning into Laser Tattoo Removal as a Medical Professional

In our interview, Alan shares his thoughts on the developments and inspiration behind UNBRANDED’S transformation. He discusses the importance of creating a positive atmosphere for clients and the role it plays in the success of UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal. This insight provides a glimpse into the passion and commitment that fuels successful aesthetic laser businesses.

Alan credits his accomplishments to many factors, including his extensive medical healthcare professional background, which laid a foundation for where he is today. He recounts his journey from medical professional to an aesthetic nurse in the laser industry, highlighting how Astanza Laser played a pivotal role in facilitating his seamless transition.

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In this second part of our series, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal’s journey continue to unfold. From celebrating financial freedom to unveiling a beautifully redesigned laser studio, the story of this tattoo removal business continues. We look forward to seeing what the future holds!

Learn More About Starting an Aesthetic Laser Business with Astanza Laser

As UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal enters this new chapter, we eagerly anticipate the exciting developments and milestones that lie ahead. The commitment to providing outstanding services and maintaining a positive client experience will undoubtedly propel UNBRANDED to even greater heights.

Thanks to our esteemed team of dedicated aesthetic laser experts, we continue to provide exclusive marketing, service, and training services not only for UNBRANDED, but for all of our Astanza clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Astanza can help you get started and succeed in the aesthetic laser industry, contact us today! We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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