Unveiling Success & End Of Year Highlights: Astanza Laser Sits Down with Alan Pontious of UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the incredible journeys of entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success as the year draws to a close. One such story is that of Alan Pontious, Astanza client and founder of UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal. In an exclusive end-of-year interview, we delve into Alan’s entrepreneurial journey, the growth of his tattoo removal business, and the remarkable milestone of paying off his laser equipment in 2023.

Watch the full interview between Alan Pontious and Saxston Seubert, Astanza Laser Client Success Manager, here!

Starting UNBRANDED Austin: A Passion for Change

Alan Pontious’s story begins with a passion for making a positive impact in people’s lives. With his extensive background as a medical professional paired with a passion for fostering positive change, Alan opened UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal. His commitment to delivering top-notch service utilizing advanced laser technology set the stage for an aesthetic business destined for success.

In the interview, Alan shares the challenges and triumphs he experienced opening UNBRANDED. “Getting started wasn’t easy,” he admits. “But I believed in the transformative power of laser tattoo removal and its potential to change lives.” Alan emphasizes the importance of investing in the right technology from the beginning, sharing what led him to choose Astanza Laser technology.

Over the past couple of years, UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal has experienced significant growth in Austin, Texas. Alan attributes this success to a combination of factors, including being honest with his clients and himself, continuing his laser education and professional development, connecting with clients and the community, and, of course, the superior laser tattoo removal technology using the Astanza Duality and Zimmer Cryo machine.


Return on Investment with Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

One of UNBRANDED’s biggest successes that Alan experienced in 2023 was paying off the laser equipment – celebrating financial freedom. This achievement is a testament to Alan’s business acumen, dedication, and the effectiveness of the laser technology he chose. Alan shares his excitement for UNBRANDED’s growth. 

“Now I can focus a little bit more on the marketing efforts and letting more people know about the availability of tattoo removal as well as the adjunct services that we can do with the Duality,” Alan says. “After that, I can bring someone on board who cares as much about serving the client’s needs as I do.”

Putting clients’ needs first is only one of the many reasons why Alan and UNBRANDED stand as shining examples of entrepreneurial success in the aesthetic industry. We’re happy to share Alan’s dedication to excellence through his laser tattoo removal services. UNBRANDED is making a lasting impact on the lives of individuals seeking a fresh start through laser tattoo removal and the greater Austin community as well.

As the year comes to an end, we celebrate Alan’s journey and UNBRANDED’s success thus far in the aesthetic laser business industry. This interview highlights the importance of strategic partnerships, advanced laser technology, and the best support system in the aesthetic industry. Here’s to Alan’s continued success and the bright future ahead for UNBRANDED Austin Laser Tattoo Removal. Stay tuned to an exclusive viewing of UNBRANDED’s updated space coming in 2024!

Start Your Laser Tattoo Removal Business With Astanza Laser

Astanza helps both new and existing businesses get started and succeed in the aesthetic laser industry. We provide support every step of the way, including exceptional service, training, and business and marketing support.

“There was a lot of good wisdom that was shared with me from the beginning, not just about the lasers, but about the business startup,” Alan shared in regards to his thoughts on working with Astanza Laser. “Y’all really went above and beyond what I think other laser vendors would’ve done. I’m very sure of that.”

If you’re ready to build a successful aesthetic business and gratifying career like Alan at UNBRANDED Austin, then contact Astanza today to speak with one of our experienced team members!



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