How Laser Tattoo Removal is Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry, Featuring Her Velvet Hand

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As beauty trends change and technology advances, some permanent makeup looks that were once popular may need adjusting. Highly-demanded aesthetic services, for example eyebrow microblading, have come a long way from the industry’s start. With better methods, better equipment, and more skilled permanent makeup artists, people want to remove their outdated tattooed eyebrows with laser tattoo removal and create a fresh look that can better complement their features.

Courtney Maguire, owner of Her Velvet Hand, an aesthetic studio located in Houston, Texas, shares her experience of incorporating laser tattoo removal into her services with Astanza laser technology. Learn from Courtney’s experience as she shares strategies and insight into how to successfully expand an existing practice with laser tattoo removal.

Her Velvet Hand Provides Realistic Results and Enhances Natural Features

Courtney explains the concept of Her Velvet Hand as a cosmetic and reconstructive tattoo studio with an emphasis on brow artistry and laser tattoo removal. “Our focus is to make sure that we have natural, realistic results”, Courtney explains, “and make sure that whatever we give someone – we’re enhancing and not changing”.

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Q: What makes Her Velvet Hand unique?

One detail that makes Her Velvet Hand unique is their learning process: Constantly staying up with the latest makeup trends and learning new techniques. As Courtney describes it, their focus is to “not compromise the integrity of your skin”, so it’s important to evolve rapidly. She adds that providing laser tattoo removal is a powerful service, removing existing work before creating newer brows on the skin.

Courtney is proud to create an aesthetic space like Her Velvet Hand, where “guests can feel safe, heard, and welcomed” as soon as they open the door. Her studio is decorated with warm oranges and browns, adding lively plants to welcome her guests and a friendly staff, creating a loving experience for everyone.

Q: Why did you decide to add laser tattoo removal?

With the number of people with existing tattoo work on their eyebrows increasing, Courtney noticed the challenge of enhancing their eyebrows solely through permanent makeup application. “The work becomes untouchable, so without lifting or removing the ink from the skin, we’re unable to do anything fresh or natural,” Courtney says. In an effort to provide the best service to their guests, Her Velvet Hand introduced laser tattoo removal as a means to break up pigment in the eyebrows and allow for a fresh start. Utilizing this advanced laser removal technology allows for the use of newer pigments and designs to better flatter their guests’ features and provide the desired look.

Q: Can you tell us why you chose the Astanza Duality?

Courtney’s history with Astanza goes back to 2012 when she first started her laser tattoo removal business journey by attending New Look Laser College. New Look Laser College, Astanza’s training division, is a laser tattoo removal certification training program. Although Courtney’s tattoo removal business journey paused as she pursued other ventures over the years, she returned to Astanza to invest in her new career once she was ready to take that jump.

“I was reminded on Facebook that on the day we had our [internal] training here at Her Velvet Hand, I had taken the New Look training course in Houston in 2012”. The connection Courtney had first formed with Astanza ten years ago stuck with her, trusting the company and the advanced technology it would provide her studio.

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Q: What has your experience with Astanza been like so far?

From the beginning, Courtney describes her partnership with Astanza as friendly and supportive. She shares she felt like she was cared for, paid attention to, and well-supported – reflecting her own studio’s culture. “Even after a year of having the laser, I’m able to call and get immediate support from the team”, Courtney states.

With the Astanza Experience, our clients are able to get their laser serviced within 3-business days, guaranteed, after sending a service request. As Courtney mentions, this is an additional advantage to working with Astanza that guarantees the smooth operation of her aesthetic business.

Q: What is a #ChangingLives moment you’ve experienced?

Courtney shares with Astanza her own #ChangingLives moment about perfecting her craft from a previous eyebrow microblading guest. “When I first started [microblading], I wasn’t very experienced. There was a lot of error in my work,” Courtney humbly shares. One of her very first guests struggled with frontal fibrosing alopecia, losing her hair from her eyebrows up to about the midway of her hairline. Courtney performed cosmetic tattooing to create new eyebrows.

However, as time passed and Her Velvet Hand expanded their services by offering laser tattoo removal, Courtney remembered this guest and invited her back to redo her initial work. “As I started getting better [at microblading], I knew I could do better with her, and I wanted to start over,” she said. “She trusted in me, and I did laser tattoo removal on her brows, lifting the old pigment out.” Once the laser tattoo removal process was done, Courtney could tattoo new eyebrows; delivering results she knew the guest deserved.

“I started all the way over, and I was able to give her brows that are going to stay with her for a long time in the condition they are meant to be, and give her something that will flatter her features,” Courtney said. “Her confidence is through the roof now, and that means the world to me”.

Learn More About Her Velvet Hand

Connect with Her Velvet Hand! Looking for permanent makeup application or removal services in the Houston area? Take a look at their offerings and learn more about Her Velvet Hand by visiting their website or following them on Instagram.

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