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In today’s ever-changing landscape of aesthetic laser technology, staying informed and equipped with the right resources is essential for long-term business success. Astanza Laser, a leading force in the aesthetic laser industry, has introduced a new podcast: The Wavelength. This podcast isn’t just another audio series; it’s a comprehensive hub of webinars, expert insights, and invaluable information tailored to empower entrepreneurs, tattoo studios, med spas, aesthetic professionals, healthcare professionals, correctional facilities, and non-profit organizations venturing into the realm of advanced laser technology.

The Wavelength is meticulously crafted to provide its diverse audience with the necessary resources and expertise to kickstart establishing a laser tattoo removal business, laser hair removal business, or start an aesthetic business. Through a blend of informative episodes and expert interviews, this podcast serves as a guiding light for individuals and organizations navigating the complexities of the aesthetic laser industry. Most of the content you will hear on The Wavelength is curated from pre-recorded webinars and discussions with successful aesthetic laser business owners to provide an engaging and informative look into the aesthetic industry. 


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From our advanced laser technology to tattoo removal training and comprehensive business services, Astanza has you covered. We help professionals of all experience levels start and expand successful aesthetic laser businesses. Laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, pigmentation correction and vascular lesion removal are some of the top procedures Astanza’s advanced laser technology provides.

Here are a few of examples of upcoming episodes you can look forward to listening to:




Among the many topics covered in The Wavelength, laser tattoo removal takes center stage. With tattoos becoming increasingly prevalent and less taboo, the demand for safe and effective removal solutions has skyrocketed. This aesthetic laser business podcast explores the latest advancements in laser technology, offering practical insights and best practices to aid entrepreneurs in capitalizing on this growing market.


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Additionally, laser hair removal emerges as another focal point of discussion on The Wavelength. As the quest for long-lasting hair removal solutions increases, laser hair removal presents itself as a lucrative avenue for business growth. Listeners can expect in-depth explorations of the science behind laser hair removal, the varying laser modalities, and strategies for effective marketing to attract a diverse clientele.


Moreover, The Wavelength extends its scope to encompass other aesthetic laser devices, including those catering to skin resurfacing, acne scarring, pigmented lesion and vascular lesion removal. By shedding light on the multifaceted applications of advanced aesthetic laser technology, this podcast equips aesthetic businesses with the knowledge needed to diversify their service offerings and meet the evolving needs of their clientele.


What truly distinguishes The Wavelength is its emphasis on practical advice and real-world examples. Through captivating interviews with industry experts and successful aesthetic laser business owners, listeners gain invaluable insights into the nuances of running a successful laser business. Whether you’re a seasoned aesthetic professional seeking expansion opportunities or a newcomer contemplating entry into the industry, The Wavelength promises to provide actionable guidance to propel you toward success.

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