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Astanza helps start and expand successful aesthetic businesses, supporting a diverse range of clientele.

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At Astanza, we are proud to offer the Astanza Experience, a comprehensive program designed to support various practitioners in their endeavors to get started or grow their practices, businesses, non-profits, or community service efforts.

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Every year, Astanza helps individuals get started and succeed in the laser industry. We’re committed to supporting each of these groups, ensuring they leverage our laser technology solutions effectively:


We provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to establish or expand their laser technology-based businesses. This includes training, marketing assistance, and financing options, ensuring they’re well-prepared for success. Learn More… 

Tattoo Studios:

Tattoo studios can enhance their offerings by using our cutting-edge laser technology for tattoo removal. The Astanza Experience equips tattoo artists with the knowledge and equipment they need to diversify their services and meet the growing demand for tattoo removal. Learn More… 

Med Spas:

Med spas looking to stay competitive and meet the aesthetic needs of their clients can benefit from our program. We offer training and advanced technology to help med spas expand their service menu and elevate their clients’ experience. Learn More… 

Aesthetic Professionals:

Aesthetic professionals, such as injectors, permanent makeup artists, and electrologists, are increasingly entering the realm of laser tattoo removal, hair removal, and other advanced laser treatments. Learn More…

Healthcare Professionals:

Healthcare professionals, such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, Nurse Practitioners, and other healthcare practitioners, have the opportunity to incorporate our cutting-edge laser technology into their practices, allowing them to expand their menu of cosmetic treatments. By doing so, they can elevate the level of service they offer and, in turn, boost patient satisfaction. These services encompasse a wide range of treatments, from vascular lesion therapy and tattoo removal to laser hair removal, all of which contribute to an overall enhancement in patient care. Learn More… 


We support correctional facilities in their rehabilitative programs by providing laser technology that’s foundational for their tattoo removal programs and furthering their goals to aid in the reentry of inmates into society.  Learn More… 


We work closely with non-profit organizations to help them make a positive impact on their communities. The Astanza Experience includes training and equipment provisions, enabling non-profits to serve their communities more effectively and fulfill their missions. Learn More…

Our commitment at Astanza is to empower entrepreneurs, tattoo studios, med spas, aesthetic professionals, healthcare professionals, correctional facilities, and non-profit organizations with the resources and expertise they need. The Astanza Experience is our way of ensuring that each group can harness the power of laser technology to serve their clients, patients and communities.

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Who We Help


Tattoo Studios

Med Spas

Aesthetic Professionals

Healthcare Professionals



Entrepreneurs find laser tattoo removal businesses to be compelling investments for several reasons. The growing demand driven by the increasing popularity of tattoos ensures a steady customer base seeking removal or modification services. Advancements in aesthetic laser technology make the process safe and efficient, with high profit margins, low overhead costs, and potential for recurring revenue; making it financially attractive. Entrepreneurs are drawn to the notion of community impact and the possibility of franchising for further growth, making laser tattoo removal businesses a promising investment choice in a dynamic industry.

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Tattoo artists and studio owners know providing laser tattoo removal services is the perfect move to boost revenue while providing significantly more creative freedom for cover-up tattoos and modifications. By offering tattoo removal services, they can tap into a new income stream, helping clients who want to part ways with regretful ink. This means not just making money from removal procedures but also potentially winning repeat business when clients return for fresh artwork. Ultimately, it’s a win-win – giving clients the artwork they truly desire while padding the shop’s bottom line.

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Recognizing the rising demand for tattoo removal, med spas are meeting clients’ needs with the latest technology while leveraging their medical expertise to ensure safe and effective treatments. The addition of laser tattoo removal complements their existing range of aesthetic services, making their clinic a comprehensive destination for clients seeking advanced solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction, and gaining a competitive edge. Ultimately, their commitment to client education, safety, and delivering personalized results underscores their dedication to the field of aesthetic medicine.

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Aesthetic professionals, including Botox and filler injectors, permanent makeup artists, estheticians, and electrologists, are increasingly incorporating laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal into their practices. This expansion is driven by the growing demand from clients of all demographics seeking to remove tattoos or achieve long-lasting hair reduction. By offering these advanced laser treatments, aesthetic practitioners are diversifying their services; catering to a broader range of clients and their needs. This strategic move not only bolsters their business’s profitability but also reinforces their reputation as trusted providers of the most advanced aesthetic solutions – highlighting their commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving beauty industry. Interested in advancing your career or expanding your offerings? Learn more about adding laser services to your clinic.

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An increasing number of physicians, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other healthcare professionals, have been expanding their practices to focus on aesthetic treatments, particularly laser procedures. This shift in the medical field is driven by the growing demand for non-invasive, safe, and effective solutions for common cosmetic concerns. Among the most popular treatments in these specialized aesthetic practices are laser-based procedures such as tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and skin resurfacing. These procedures harness advanced aesthetic laser technology to provide patients with impressive results while maintaining a commitment to the highest safety standards. By offering these highly sought-after services, healthcare professionals are helping individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals with precision and expertise.

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The recognition that visible tattoos can act as significant barriers to successful reentry after an individual has been incarcerated has led to the implementation of laser tattoo removal programs in correctional facilities across the U.S. The aim of offering this service is to enhance job prospects for people who have been formerly incarcerated, encouraging authentic rehabilitation and boosting their self-esteem – ultimately aiming to reduce recidivism. The overarching vision for correctional facilities offering these programs centers on breaking the cycle of incarceration and empowering people to successfully reintegrate into society with confidence, with a strong emphasis on the transformative power of laser tattoo removal.

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Non-profit organizations understand tattoos can serve as painful reminders of a past people wish to leave behind, which can potentially hinder both personal and professional growth. By providing non-profit laser tattoo removal services, these organizations empower people to break free from the constraints of regrettable experiences, fostering a community centered on positive transformation. Nonprofits offering laser tattoo removal are doing more than erasing ink – they’re helping rewrite stories and restoring confidence in those who may not have access to or be able to afford these services otherwise. Learn more about non-profit tattoo removal and how you can join our mission of changing lives together.

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