Increase Revenue with Carbon Wave Patches for Cellulite

Cellulite’s relentless dimples are a double-edged sword for aesthetic laser businesses. Clients crave solutions for smoother skin, but finding effective, noninvasive medical spa services can be elusive. What if there was a game-changer—a technology that tackles cellulite head-on while boosting your medical spa revenue? Our Carbon Wave patches are a revolutionary tool for dimpling and cellulite reduction.

The Carbon Wave Patch is an innovative accessory designed to address a common concern in the med spa industry. This single-use 4×8 inch hydrogel patch works in conjunction with a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser, creating an intense acoustic wave that disrupts cellulite deposits and stimulates collagen production.

Benefitting Your Aesthetic Laser Business

The Carbon Wave patches offer clear benefits for your aesthetic laser business:

Highly Effective Treatment: The Carbon Wave Patch is highly effective in reducing cellulite and improving skin texture. Astanza recommends two to three treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, but results are often visible after just one session. This high efficacy results in satisfied clients who are more likely to return for additional treatments and refer your med spa services to others.

Fast and Convenient Treatments: Each Carbon Wave Patch treatment takes less than 10 minutes, making it ideal for busy clients. Plus, there’s no downtime associated with the procedure, allowing clients to resume their normal activities immediately. This convenience can significantly increase your appointment volume and cater to clients with limited time.

Non-invasive and Painless: Unlike traditional cellulite reduction treatments, the Carbon Wave patches are non-invasive and painless. This makes it a perfect option for clients who are apprehensive about more invasive procedures like liposuction. The comfortable and safe nature of the treatment with Q-Switched laser technology can attract a wider range of clients to your med spa.

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Increasing Revenue Opportunities with the Carbon Wave Patch

Our Carbon Wave patches are offered in boxes of 50 and 100, with prices ranging from $3,750 to $6,500. The single-use nature of the patches with a two-session treatment would cost between $130 and $150 per client. There are a few factors to consider when determining your ideal treatment price:

  • Cost of the patches: As mentioned, the cost per patch will vary depending on the quantity ordered. To factor in a healthy profit margin, you’ll want to price your treatments above the per-patch cost.
  • Laser and Technician Time: Laser treatments for cellulite reduction and dimpling are activated by a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. While the actual Carbon Wave Patch treatment is quick, the time required for a session and your technician’s hourly rate will contribute to the overall cost. 
  • Market Research: Researching other cellulite removal treatment providers in your area can help you determine competitive pricing for your Carbon Wave Patch treatment. Take into account patient feedback and the advanced laser technology you offer when setting your prices.

Pricing for Cellulite and Dimpling Treatments:

Knowing what a Carbon Wave Patch treatment will cost your practice, you’re ready to set pricing for cellulite and dimpling sessions to increase your med spa revenue. Below are some packaging pricing to take into consideration.

  • Single Session: As a practitioner, when setting prices for cellulite reduction sessions, it’s important to consider various factors such as the local market, competition, and expertise. While the average cost for this treatment is around $1,000, it’s essential to assess these factors to determine the most suitable pricing for your practice.
  • Package Sessions: Since the treatment protocol recommends two to three sessions for complete cellulite removal, you can create tiered packages to cater to clients with different needs and budgets. For example, 2 sessions could be priced at $1,800 (10% discount) and 3 sessions at $2,500 (15% discount). 

Since each treatment session lasts about 10 minutes, your med spa revenue could generate up to $6,000 per hour if sessions were scheduled consecutively.

Beyond the Numbers: Building Client Loyalty

The Carbon Wave Patch’s revenue potential is significant. However, its true value lies in building client trust and loyalty. By offering a safe, effective, and convenient solution for a common concern, you position your med spa as a leader in advanced laser treatments and client satisfaction. This fosters long-term relationships with clients who are more likely to recommend your services and return for future aesthetic laser needs.

Adding the Carbon Wave Patch to your med spa is a win-win situation. It allows you to offer a highly sought-after treatment, generate significant revenue, and build strong client relationships. By incorporating this innovative accessory into your med spa services, you can take your cellulite removal treatments to the next level.

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