Webinar with Eden Body Art Studios Highlights Tattoo Studios Incorporating Tattoo Removal

eden body art studios webinar

Eden Body Art Studios, Astanza client and a prominent tattoo studio and tattoo removal business located in Dallas, shares insight and business strategies in our most-recently aired webinar. Colton James, co-owner of Eden Body Art Studios, tells Eden’s story and how he and his wife, co-owner and lead tattoo artist Deanna James, have transformed over the past couple of years, including their journey to incorporating laser tattoo removal.

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Eden Body Art Studios: Elevating Expression

Located in the vibrant heart of Dallas, Eden Body Art Studios has emerged as a beacon of creativity and true craftsmanship. Known for their exceptional tattoo artistry and unique designs, Eden Body Art Studios has built a reputation for bringing their clients’ visions to life. James runs the business with his wife, Deanna, who was recently featured in The Dallas Morning News for her incredible artwork and contributions to the tattoo community. James says we’re in the midst of the renaissance era of tattooing because the industry as a whole continues to evolve, from styles to techniques to the technology of tattoo application itself.

Eden is committed to providing a safe, creative, and judgment-free environment for both clients and artists. Their talented tattoo artists have mastered the art of capturing emotion, meaning, and individuality within each inked masterpiece. However, they understand life is fluid, and as passions and circumstances change, so can one’s relationship with their tattoos.

This webinar, Tattoo Artists and Laser Tattoo Removal: Better Together, shares the inspiring journey of Eden as a tattoo studio and how they’ve expanded by incorporating laser tattoo removal utilizing Astanza Laser technology. This strategic decision showcases the studio’s commitment to serving their clients throughout every stage of their tattoo journeys. By combining their artistic prowess with advanced laser tattoo removal technology using the Astanza Trinity, Eden Body Art Studios now provides a comprehensive range of services, ensuring they continue to be a haven for self-expression, growth, and transformation.

With the combination of both services, Eden has established their business as a true leader in the industry. Eden embodies what Astanza believes – tattoos and laser tattoo removal go better together!

Advancements in Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Tattoo removal has come a long way from its early days of inconsistent and reportedly painful methods. Modern technology, particularly medical-grade laser tattoo removal technology, has completely transformed this process into a refined art of its own.

This advancement is largely attributed to the development of sophisticated lasers that emit wavelengths tailored to targeting specific colors of ink, enabling practitioners to effectively break down the pigments without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. Unlike older methods that often left scars or caused permanent skin damage, the latest laser tattoo removal systems leverage innovative engineering, allowing for safe and effective removal of unwanted ink.

Traditional tattoo removal methods like surgical excision or dermabrasion could be painful and lead to complications such as scarring, infection, and undesirable results. In contrast, modern medical-grade laser systems are engineered to precisely target the ink particles within the skin, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to gradually eliminate the broken-down pigment fragments.

Tattoos fade naturally over time and the tattoo removal laser is essentially expediting the body’s immune response, with the ink particles being processed through the lymphatic system at a much faster and more efficient rate after the laser treatment. The result is a smooth, even skin tone that reinstates individuals’ confidence and helps them move forward without the burden of an unwanted tattoo.

As aesthetic laser technology advances, clinics, tattoo artists, and laser practitioners are better equipped to tailor treatments to individual needs, ensuring more accurate and predictable outcomes. With an increased focus on patient safety and comfort, modern laser tattoo removal technology has earned its place as the most reliable and trustworthy method for tattoo removal; offering individuals a second chance to regain confidence and start fresh.

How to Get Certified in Laser Tattoo Removal

New Look Laser College (NLLC), Astanza’s training division, is the world’s first laser training program focused exclusively on tattoo removal. By getting certified at New Look Laser College, you will be training with true experts in the tattoo removal field.

Those who complete the NLLC training program graduate with three certifications: Certified Laser Specialist (CLS), Laser Safety Officer (LSO), and the Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal (ALTR) practitioner. New Look Laser College is an unparalleled laser tattoo removal training and certification experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Our courses are scheduled throughout the year, with three locations in Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas. New Look Laser College has no pre-requisites and is a tattoo removal training program chosen by both established physicians and first-time entrepreneurs with no medical background for its exceptionally thorough education of laser tattoo removal. NLLC curriculum incorporates all concepts of tattoo removal, including hands-on practice, laser safety, laser physics, and business and marketing strategies specific to the industry.

Check out our course schedule for the remainder of 2023 today to get certified in laser tattoo removal at the best laser tattoo removal training course! And keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of NLLC’s 2024 course schedule coming soon.


Become Part of the Astanza Experience

Those who purchase an Astanza Laser device are eligible for the Astanza Experience, a fully-comprehensive support system designed to help practitioners get a fast and successful start in the aesthetic laser industry. This support system encompasses three primary pillars, including the Business Builder System, 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, and Lifetime Training and Clinical Support throughout your entire aesthetic laser business journey.

Astanza is committed to assisting you at every stage of your aesethetic laser business. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about Astanza’s offerings!

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