Tune into the World’s First Laser Tattoo Removal Podcast

Check out the world’s first tattoo removal podcast, Astanza Tattoo Removal News, perfect for any laser tattoo removal practitioner or entrepreneur looking to learn more about the tattoo removal industry.

If you’ve been considering opening up a laser tattoo removal business or have been in the aesthetic industry for some time, it’s important to keep up with the latest tattoo removal news and tips. One simple way is tuning in to the Astanza Tattoo Removal News podcast, the world’s first podcast devoted to laser tattoo removal. The show is hosted by Astanza VP of Marketing Brian Hasenbauer and Hannah Barling, Content Manager at Astanza. You’ll be kept in the loop about Astanza’s newest lasers, events, and resources, as well as the most recent tattoo removal news and trends. It’s definitely worth a listen if you want to be entertained and stay ahead of the game!

Popular Topics on Astanza’s Tattoo Removal News Podcast

Astanza’s new podcast makes it fun and easy to stay informed about the latest resources in the laser industry. This light-hearted podcast will leave you feeling more connected to the Astanza Laser team, energized about laser tattoo removal, and hopefully, with a good laugh along the way!

Tattoo Removal Training 

One popular topic that can help any individual looking to add or start their laser tattoo removal business is finding the right laser tattoo removal training program. Astanza Tattoo Removal News touches on Astanza’s training entity, New Look Laser College. Students at New Look Laser College attend the most comprehensive 2-day training course to learn about laser technology, get hands-on tattoo removal training, and learn about the profitability of a laser tattoo removal business. Pay close attention to hear about any current deals where you can save on course fees!

Tattoo Removal Resources

You’ll also hear about Astanza’s current resources, such as new webinars, blogs, and graphics that can help your business thrive. If you’re interested in maximizing your laser’s capabilities, zero in on Astanza’s new Clinical Education webinar series! The first episode of the series recently aired and can be downloaded on-demand here. Looking for other webinars, ebooks, and our 2023 content calendar? Find that in our Aesthetic Business Resource Library.

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Remember…the Astanza Tattoo Removal News podcast likes to have fun! You can find celebrity tattoo removal stories, Astanza client features, and our series highlight moments (or blooper reels!).

Where Can I Access Astanza Tattoo Removal News Podcast?

Watch or listen to the world’s first laser tattoo removal podcast by Astanza’s award-winning team on your preferred listening platform, including SpotifyApple Podcasts, and our video podcast on YouTube!

For Up-To-Date Tattoo Removal News

Check out the Astanza Tattoo Removal News blog for more information on all things tattoos, tattoo removal, and laser technology. Our comprehensive aesthetic laser services blog summarizes our show with snippets of the topics covered during the episode. You can also watch the video version of our show directly on the blog.

Be Featured on Our Podcast

If you’re a current Astanza client looking to spread the word on your practice’s latest deals or would like to share your story on #changinglives, email us at marketing@astanzalaser.com or contact your business development manager to be featured in the next episode of Astanza Tattoo Removal News!

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