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Practitioners must stay ahead of the curve with advanced laser technology as aesthetic laser services become increasingly popular. The Asclepion DermaBlate®, a leading medical-grade laser for skin resurfacing backed by Astanza, is a game-changer. Its unique features, such as its ability to rapidly vaporize water in the skin’s tissue, set it apart in the market. This skin resurfacing laser machine is a transformative tool for clients seeking superior results and a game-changer for practitioners aiming to meet and exceed their patients’ needs. The DermaBlate® skin resurfacing laser machine empowers practitioners to offer the most advanced aesthetic services in the industry.


Revolutionizing Your Aesthetic Business

Want to enhance your aesthetic business service offerings? The Erbium:YAG DermaBlate® laser can provide the most versatile and powerful treatment menu. This advanced laser technology emits a wavelength of 2,940 nm, which matches the maximum water absorption peak. The energy emitted by the laser rapidly vaporizes the water in the skin’s tissue, instantly evaporating the tissue and resurfacing the skin. With the demand for skin resurfacing treatments on the rise, driven by patients looking for fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scar solutions, the DermaBlate® presents a golden opportunity for practitioners to tap into this growing market, fueling their aesthetic business growth and success. 

Due to the DermaBlate®’s multiple modes (Ablation and Thermal), the medical-grade laser has an impressive pulse duration range. This allows practitioners to expand their treatment capabilities; providing them with the confidence to address a wide range of patient concerns. For example, shorter pulses can provide precise ablation treatments for superficial concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, while longer pulses can treat more pronounced skin concerns like scars. Other treatments that can be performed with the DermaBlate® laser include epidermal and dermal lesions and benign pigmented lesions.


An Effective Laser Device for Multiple Aesthetic Concerns

The DermaBlate® has a diverse range of available handpieces to help cater to these advanced aesthetic laser procedures. The VarioTEAM (Total Evacuation of Ablated Material) handpiece is the laser’s fully ablative handpiece with a variable spot size and a flat-top circle beam. This accessory comes in two sizes: the Vario, which expands the spot size from 1mm to 6mm, and the VarioXL, which goes from 8mm to 12mm spot size. 

For thermal treatments, the DermaBlate® is available with its own MicroSpot handpiece with a 13×13 mm spot size. This handpiece can be used for ablative treatments with heat applied, which are less invasive than surgical treatments, and create a precise targeting of the area – minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Looking to learn more about our skin resurfacing machine? View our on-demand webinar, Inside the Laser: The DermaBlate®, for more in-depth information on our laser.

on demand webinar hosted by astanza laser titled inside the laser the dermablate walks through the powerful erbium YAG laser device


Enhancing Patient Care with Skin Resurfacing Laser Machine

The DermaBlate® is designed with both the practitioner and patient in mind, prioritizing easy handling and treatment safety. The intuitive interface empowers practitioners to deliver safe and effective treatments every time.

One major benefit of the DermaBlate® is the reduced downtime after a skin resurfacing treatment. The device’s controlled ablation and minimal thermal damage lead to faster healing times compared to other skin resurfacing laser machines and methods. This allows quicker results and a smoother recovery process, creating the best results for your client base.

By investing in our powerful skin resurfacing technology, you’re not only enhancing your client satisfaction but investing in your aesthetic business’s growth. Adding the DermaBlate® to your aesthetic business can help attract new clients seeking effective solutions for their skin concerns. Additionally, offering skin resurfacing with the DermaBlate® laser provides your loyal clientele more opportunities to look and feel their best thanks to your advanced aesthetic services.


Adding Skin Resurfacing to Your Aesthetic Business

Set yourself apart from competitors and solidify your position as the leader in aesthetic laser services by using the DermaBlate®, backed by Astanza. Contact us for more information on our DermaBlate® skin resurfacing laser and how Astanza continuously provides support throughout your Astanza laser’s lifetime. Fill out the short form on this page or call (800) 364-9010 to get in touch with the A-Team.


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