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Get Certified at New Look Laser College and Start Your Tattoo Removal Business

Tattoos are now more accepted in the workplace and society as a whole. In fact, almost half of millennials in the United States have at least one tattoo. This increased acceptance has created a growing demand for tattoo artists, providing a potentially lucrative and rewarding career path for practitioners. People are increasingly seeking laser tattoo removal as the safest and most effective method to remove unwanted tattoos as lifestyles or preferences change. If you’re looking to expand your skills and revenue streams, consider becoming a certified laser tattoo removal technician at New Look Laser College! New Look Laser College equips you with the skills and business knowledge to succeed in the tattoo removal business industry and beyond.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal? A Growing Industry with High Demand

Laser tattoo removal is a noninvasive procedure that uses concentrated light energy to target and fragment tattoo ink particles in the skin. These particles are then naturally eliminated over time by the body’s immune system, specifically the lymphatic system, resulting in the gradual fading of the tattoo. Laser tattoo removal offers the safest, most comfortable, and most effective solution compared to older, more invasive methods such as dermabrasion, salabrasion, and excision.

Two critical factors fuel this growing demand:

Regret: People seek tattoo removal for various reasons, whether it’s simply a change in style preference or a painful memory from the past. Getting tattooed has become increasingly popular and accessible, leading to an increased population of people with tattoo regret.

Improved Technology: Advancements in aesthetic laser technology have made tattoo removal much easier from a patient perspective. Additionally, the revolution in tattoo removal technology presents a greater opportunity for practitioners to provide comfortable and effective laser tattoo removal services.

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Benefits of Starting a Tattoo Removal Business

Getting trained and certified in laser tattoo removal offers a multitude of advantages. Entrepreneurs are especially drawn to starting a tattoo removal business for advantages such as:

Being Your Own Boss: Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running your own business.

High Demand: Step into a thriving industry with consistent client demand.

A Lucrative Career: Providing laser tattoo removal services can be highly profitable.

Helping Others: Provide clients with a valuable service that removes painful memories of the past and boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Changing Lives: Make a positive impact in the lives of a diverse group of individuals.

New Look Laser College, Astanza’s training division and a true pioneer in laser tattoo removal training, offers a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the expertise you need to excel. Its expert educators cover everything from the science of tattoo removal to laser safety and skin interaction to client consultation, treatment protocols, and aftercare.

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Here are just a few unique tattoo removal training elements that set New Look Laser College apart:

Industry-Leading Instructors: Learn from experienced professionals at the forefront of tattoo removal technology, medical-grade cosmetic lasers, and starting aesthetic laser businesses.

Hands-On Training: Gain practical experience through supervised clinical sessions. During the course, everyone who attends New Look Laser College has multiple opportunities to perform laser tattoo removal on real patients.

Multiple Course Options: New Look hosts several tattoo removal courses throughout the year in Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh. View the entire tattoo removal training schedule here.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Master all aspects of laser tattoo removal, from clinical to business management. 

Lifetime Support: You can benefit from ongoing guidance and resources even after graduation! Invest in a laser tattoo removal machine from Astanza and enjoy the benefits of the Astanza Experience.

Invest in Your Future and Get Started with Astanza

A career in laser tattoo removal is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to empower yourself and others. With the proper training and certification from New Look Laser College, you can unlock a world of possibilities in the booming aesthetic laser business industry. Take the first step towards your dream career – call or text (281) 846 – 5890. Explore New Look Laser College’s tattoo removal training schedule now! 

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