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In the aesthetic laser world, hype is everywhere. Picosecond lasers for tattoo removal have made a big splash, and there are a lot of marketing dollars behind selling these expensive systems.

But hype isn’t what practitioners or patients really care about – they want results.

Virgin Mary - Before Virgin Mary - After

At Astanza, our focus is the tattoo removal procedure, and it’s our mission to equip practices with the advanced tools to remove tattoos better and faster.

Our systems are designed to remove ink in fewer sessions with efficacy on a wider range of tattoos.

The Astanza Trinity is the most powerful multi-wavelength laser on the market. It has the ability to both safely treat dark skin tones and treat the widest range of ink colors – something that no picosecond system can do.

  • Everybody knows that a tool is only as good as the end product it creates. The before and after photos below – sent in from real Astanza users – prove that Astanza is the true leader in tattoo removal technology.


Unparalleled Tattoo Removal Speed – Even on Colors

Patients looking for laser tattoo removal care most about having their skin return to its natural look. Aside from that, the main other desire is to have the process completed as quickly as possible.

Not only do they wish to have their ink removed – they want it removed fast.

The pictures below show just how impressive laser tattoo removal can be when using the right technology.

Initials - Before Initials - After
Skull - Before Skull - After
Antlers - before Antlers - After
Before - Shoulder After - Shoulder
Before - Kiss After - Kiss
Before - Hand After - Hand

Fast and effective procedures mean fewer overall treatments. Astanza technology can remove a wide range of tattoos quickly because:

  1. Full-powered, versatile wavelengths target colorful inks
  2. Higher peak power means better ink shattering

As the images show, complete removal happens in just a few sessions, and the treatments work on black-ink tattoos and colorful tattoos alike.


New call-to-actionEffective for All Skin Tones

When a prospective patient visits your website, they may wish to see a variety of before and after photos on a wide range of skin types. Make it known that your clinic can perform effective treatments on all skin tones.

Patient skin type is an important factor to account for when providing tattoo removal treatments. Different skin types react differently to lasers due to the varied amounts of melanin in the skin.

Skin specialists categorize patient skin types on a numerical scale ranging from very fair (Fitzpatrick skin type I) to very dark (Fitzpatrick skin type VI). Patients with darker skin are more at risk of pigmentation changes if treated with the wrong technology.

Name - Before Name - Aftere
Abs - Before Abs - After
Spider Web - Before Spider Web - After
Pirate Girl - Before Pirate Girl - After
As you can see, Astanza treatments removed the tattoos to completion with no signs of lingering skin pigmentation issues on Asian, Hispanic, and African-American skin. Not all lasers are able to successfully treat darker skin types and achieve results like these.

If your practice wants the ability to safely remove tattoos from all skin tones, it’s possible. Astanza technology is safe and proven on patients of all ethnicities.


Works When Others Can’t

Despite being sold with many different systems, dye handpieces have developed a negative reputation in the laser industry. They promise the ability to treat with additional wavelengths (585 nm and 650 nm for an Nd:YAG laser; 532 nm for an alexandrite laser), but they don’t have enough power to fully remove ink.

Often clinics will start out using a system with dye handpieces and discover after many months that they are getting minimal effect on resistant ink colors.

Here are a few examples of failed treatments performed with dye handpieces and then fully removed with an Astanza laser:

Astanza Before and After Laser Tattoo Removal Photos

In order to completely remove vibrant and colorful tattoos, a powerful multi-wavelength laser is essential.

Nothing can replace the results generated by a full-powered laser – especially for resistant colors such as bright blue and lime green. Astanza ruby technology delivers 6 times the power of dye handpieces to produce the fast, clear results shown above. Learn more about the problems of dye handpieces here.

Laser tattoo removal is one of the fastest growing, most in-demand, and most profitable cosmetic procedures today – but results matter. To have longevity in this field, your practice will need to invest in technology that is backed by science and proves itself with real results – not just hype or a fad.

When researching technology for your clinic, look closely at the tattoo removal before and after photos advertised by the manufacturers and determine if you’re impressed. If you aren’t impressed, your patients won’t be either.

All of the results shown in this article have been achieved with Astanza technology. Astanza systems are used by the leading names in the tattoo removal field – and they choose us for the versatility, speed, and safety only our systems can deliver.

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