Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal Helps Those in Need

Laser tattoo removal is primarily used to remove unwanted or regretful ink. The reasoning for removal varies but often includes a change in preference or style, professional restrictions on visible tattoos, or simply disliking how a tattoo turned out. However, more laser tattoo removal businesses and non-profit organizations are using laser tattoo removal to help individuals with identifiable tattoos looking for a fresh start and separation from their past.

Astanza client Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal was recently interviewed by the local channel News 8 WROC for their partnership with Rochester’s SAFE (Surviving and Finding Empowerment) Court. In the news feature, co-owners of Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal, Jordan Curran and Matt Trenkler, share more about offering free tattoo removal services for those affected by human trafficking.

Looking for a way to give back to its community, Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal reached out to the Sexual Exploitation Court of Rochester and found a big demand for its laser services. The number of people affected by human trafficking is alarming and catastrophic, yet few people know just how big this illegal industry is and its detrimental effects on communities.

“Women who have been human trafficked — or even sexually exploited, sometimes they’ll be branded by their captors, or pimps, or groomers, or whatever you want to call them. And when they would get out of this horrific world, they would be reminded of these deeply traumatic times in their life. And we just thought that was horrific. And we really saw that as an opportunity to give back,” said Curran. Watch the full interview with Rethink:


Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal saw the transformative power laser tattoo removal has on its regular clients and sought to amplify that by helping individuals wanting to remove unwanted reminders of their painful past experiences. Since partnering with Rochester’s SAFE Court, Rethink has helped numerous women reclaim their own skin.

Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal uses the Astanza Trinity TSR, a triple-wavelength nanosecond laser tattoo removal device to deliver full-spectrum removal. It can safely and effectively fully remove or fade down unwanted ink, no matter the tattoo colors or patient’s skin type.

Astanza is proud to work with businesses like Rethink that carry a similar mission of Astanza’s: Changing lives. Rethink shows that aesthetic practitioners don’t need to be a non-profit organization to offer free laser tattoo removal services. In fact, more for-profit businesses are using their profits to give back and offer free or subsidized programs that deliver complimentary removal of trafficking or gang-related tattoos as a way to give back and help others.

By providing free or low-cost tattoo removal services, businesses can raise awareness about social issues like trafficking and help support survivors in their communities. Rethink Laser Tattoo Removal is a shining example of how laser tattoo removal can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

Interested in learning more about providing tattoo removal? Contact Astanza today to learn how to start your own laser tattoo removal non-profit or business.

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