Laser Tattoo Removal Company Pays $5 Million for Super Bowl Ad

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Chances are, you won’t see the title of this blog, “Laser Tattoo Removal Company Spends $5 Million for a 30 Second Super Bowl Spot,” in the headlines on Monday morning after the Super Bowl airs.

A single Super Bowl commercial is going for $5 million for a 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl and only the largest and most daring companies will spend that type of money on a Super Bowl ad. That’s a good thing considering for many companies, and almost all laser tattoo removal companies, running a national ad, one time, is akin to throwing your money away. Or at least spending your entire marketing budget in one fell swoop.

If you have heard the business/marketing section during New Look Laser College, you will already know that mass marketing (like Super Bowl commercials) for laser tattoo removal doesn’t really work. It’s not geographically targeted, it’s REALLY expensive, and it doesn’t necessarily reach the audience you are trying to attract. What does work well for Laser Tattoo Removal companies is using advertising methods that are digital and geographically focused.This weekend is the Super Bowl and many viewers tune in for the commercials and the half time show rather than the actual play on the field. We asked the Astanza team what their all-time, favorite Super Bowl commercials are. Here is what they came up with. Post your favorite videos in the comments or even who you think will win, we would love to see what you think!

Justin Arnosky – VP Client Education
Obviously. Cultural phenomenon.

Opal Taskila – Regional Sales
The feels are strong.

Terry Tate brings the pain when you forget your cover sheet

Chrissy Holmberg – Bookkeeper
Doritos – cause it was just freaking hysterical

Budweiser horses – because of the respectfulness of what had occurred

Budweiser frogs – they are just funny. And a hundred years later, I still remember them. I did the tax work for the creative guys of a lot of bud commercials and we used to see the ads early. So fun to feel like i was in the know:)

Brian Hasenbauer – VP Marketing
My favorite, EDS (I used to work there) – Herding cats.

Amy Kim – Marketing Specialist
I’m a sucker for a good pun.

Opal Taskila – Regional Sales
My favorite. Not a wild one, but it made me gush tears.

Josh Walsh – Laser Biomedical Engineer

Post your favorite videos in the comments or even who you think will win, we would love to see what you think!

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