How Much Does a Tattoo Removal Laser Cost?

Similar to other large pieces of equipment, such as a car, there is a wide price range for tattoo removal lasers. Tattoo removal laser devices vary in cost depending on several factors, such as features, capabilities, and expected lifetime of the laser. Other factors to consider when purchasing an aesthetic laser should include if the laser has FDA clearance, approved treatments the device can perform, service from the manufacturer, and the overall efficacy of the treatments. Continue reading this article to gain a better understanding of how much a tattoo removal laser machine costs and the varying factors that affect the price.


Why Wavelengths Matter for Treating Multi-Colored Tattoos

Laser tattoo removal machines that can treat a full spectrum of tattoo colors affect the cost of a laser greatly. Why? The greater functionality of a machine will lead to greater investment in the laser device. Take the Astanza Trinity as an example. This laser produces three laser wavelengths: 1064nm, 694nm, and 532 nm. When combined, these wavelengths allow laser practitioners to remove virtually any tattoo, regardless of the colors within the tattoo ink.

Most standard Q-switched tattoo removal lasers produce 1064nm and 532 nm wavelengths. These two wavelengths remove the vast majority of colors found in tattoos, such as black, brown, red, orange, and darker shades of green and yellow. However, a ruby wavelength like the Trinity’s 694nm gives practitioners the capability to fade or remove “tougher-to-treat” ink colors such as light blue, teal, and shades of green.  Therefore, purchasing a laser tattoo removal device with three wavelengths may cost more than purchasing a device with just one or two wavelengths.

Purchasing a Tattoo Removal Laser from a Reputable Seller

The least expensive laser tattoo removal machine you could find when looking to purchase a device for your business may be listed at $10,000, but it’s most likely not FDA-cleared and may not even be the actual laser advertised. Be wary when shopping online for an aesthetic laser device. If the price is significantly lower than other lasers, it could be fake, and the inside contents of the device might not match what was advertised.

FDA clearance matters when it comes to aesthetic laser devices because the U.S. government classifies laser treatments as medical procedures. Therefore, aesthetic laser devices are considered medical equipment even though you don’t have to be a medical professional in most states to operate a laser. Operating a laser business legally gives both the practitioner and owner more protection while minimizing risk for the business and clientele.

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Laser Specifications Tip the Scale

The specifications of a tattoo removal laser matter greatly when it comes to cost. Some tattoo removal lasers operate in nanoseconds, while others operate in picoseconds. A picosecond machine gives pulse durations up to 15 times shorter than nanosecond lasers, generating faster and more effective treatments.

A laser’s spot size should also be taken into consideration because most handpieces range anywhere from 2 millimeters to 16 millimeters.

Think of professional tattoo removal laser machine prices just like cars. If you want a brand new, top-of-the-line BMW with the most modern technology, including customized luxury features, you should expect to pay more than $100,000 for that type of automobile. Conversely, if you just need an average vehicle to get you from point A to point B and are ok with getting a used 1998 Toyota Camry, you know that Camry’s price tag would pale in comparison to the BMW due to its basic features and underwhelming quality. Both vehicles are drivable and will get the job done, they’re just categorized into two very different classes. This same concept is applied to tattoo removal laser equipment.

In addition to the varying features of a laser, there are a few more considerations you should note when deciding what type of laser best suits your needs and budget, including:

Just like purchasing a car, most people don’t pay with cash and don’t pay the entire amount at one time.

Furthermore, lasers require preventative maintenance, and parts may need to be repaired or replaced the longer you’re operating a device. Whether you purchase a BMW or a Camry, both require general maintenance, oil changes, gasoline, insurance, and more. So if you’re looking to start at the very basic model with laser tattoo removal equipment, make sure you still account for these additional costs.

The cost of tattoo removal laser equipment truly depends on the capabilities of the machine. But don’t worry, our team of laser experts at Astanza is here to help you find the perfect product for your needs. Contact us today, and one of our business development managers will guide you every step of the way, from financing your laser to helping with regulations and insurance in order to ensure a successful start to your laser business journey.

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