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Starting a laser tattoo removal or aesthetic business can be a rewarding and profitable venture. With the growing popularity of tattoo removal and various aesthetic laser procedures, there is a significant market demand for these services. However, this journey requires a solid understanding of the industry, regulations, and necessary investments. This Entrepreneurs FAQs sheet provides comprehensive information to help you navigate the process of starting your own laser tattoo removal or aesthetic business.

No prior experience is needed to start an aesthetic or medical laser business. However, having a basic understanding of business operations, marketing, and customer service is beneficial. Most states only require tattoo removal training and certification for those operating the laser. A handful of states do require some level of aesthetic or medical background. Astanza Laser offers training and certification during the installation of your aesthetic laser device.

The initial investment for starting a laser tattoo removal or aesthetic laser business varies based on several factors, including location, equipment, financing, and business scale. Typically, you can expect to invest between $25,000 to $100,000. This amount covers the cost of the laser device, licensing, insurance, initial marketing efforts, and other business expenses.

Creating a detailed business plan that outlines all expected costs and financial projections is essential. This plan should include the cost of leasing or purchasing a commercial space, interior renovations, buying furniture and supplies, and hiring staff. Securing financing through loans, investors, or personal savings is often necessary to cover these initial expenses. Additionally, allocating funds for ongoing operational costs and a marketing budget to attract and retain clients is crucial for sustained success. Astanza’s Aesthetic Business Resources can provide valuable resources and guidance during this planning phase. We also have resources to help generate a pro-forma and timeline for launching your business.

The needed laser equipment depends on the services you plan to offer, ensuring that the technology is FDA-cleared and safe for all skin types. For entrepreneurs starting a laser tattoo removal business, an advanced Q-switched laser is the industry’s standard technology. The Astanza Duality Signature is one popular tattoo removal device for starting entrepreneurs to remove the most common ink colors in tattoos, such as red, yellow, orange, black, and brown. To treat the entire color spectrum, entrepreneurs can either add on the Astanza EternityTSR – a ruby laser device, or opt for the Astanza Trinity, providing the necessary 694 nm wavelength for vivid blue and green ink. Other tattoo removal technologies include picosecond lasers, with faster and more powerful treatment sessions than nanosecond devices. The Asclepion PicoStar®, backed by Astanza, is the true powerhouse of picosecond tattoo removal technology.
For laser hair removal and vascular treatments, the Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza, has become the popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to open a medical spa.

Additionally, other aesthetic procedures, such as skin resurfacing, can be performed with the QuadroStarPROYELLOW or the DermaBlate®, both German-engineered Asclepion technology trusted by Astanza clients. 

Investing in versatile, high-performance lasers can help you expand your service offerings and attract a wider client base. Researching and selecting the best equipment for your specific needs will ensure you provide effective treatments and maintain a competitive edge. Working with reputable suppliers who offer training, maintenance, and support can also enhance your business operations and client satisfaction. Astanza provides a 3-Business Day Service Guarantee to keep your laser equipment up and running, ensuring you can continually generate revenue.

We recommend that your business be located in a salon suite or a private room in a medical or office building. It should be easily accessible for clients, have a closed treatment room, and comply with the necessary permits for operating an aesthetic laser business.
The interior design of your space should reflect a professional and inviting atmosphere, prioritizing cleanliness and comfort. Conducting thorough market research to identify the best location based on your target demographics and competition can significantly impact your business’s success.

The cost of laser equipment can vary significantly based on the type and brand. When budgeting for equipment, consider additional costs such as maintenance, consumables, and potential upgrades. Leasing options or financing plans are available to help manage the initial outlay. Investing in high-quality, reliable equipment is crucial to ensuring effective treatments and building a strong reputation in the market.

For example, the Astanza Duality Signature is a high-performance Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with multiple pulse modes and treatment capabilities. Advanced laser tattoo removal devices like this can start at $80,000. Aesthetic lasers for procedures like hair removal or skin resurfacing can also vary, often costing between $60,000 and $130,000. If you have a pricing inquiry, we encourage you to visit our pricing page for more information.

Evaluating the total cost of ownership, including warranty and service agreements, can also help in making an informed decision. Astanza offers Lifetime Training and Clinical Support to keep you updated with the latest clinical information and techniques.

State regulations for laser tattoo removal and aesthetic laser procedures vary, but most only require tattoo removal training and certifications. It’s important to research and comply with state-specific regulations regarding the use of laser devices, required certifications, and the scope of practice for non-medical professionals. You can find detailed information on state regulations here.

Adhering to these regulations is essential to avoid legal issues and ensure the safety of your clients. Regulatory requirements may include obtaining specific licenses, completing accredited training programs, and adhering to health and safety standards. Consulting with legal professionals or industry experts can help you navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure full compliance. Staying informed about changes in regulations and continuing education can also help maintain your business’s legitimacy and trustworthiness.

The staffing needs for your business will depend on its size and the range of services offered. At a minimum, you will need a:

  • Certified Laser Specialist (this can be you): Trained and certified to operate the laser equipment and perform procedures.
  • Off-Site Medical Director (if required by state regulations): A licensed physician to ensure compliance with medical standards.

Additional staff may be required as your business grows, including customer service representatives and additional technicians. Below are a few additional positions to consider: 

  • Marketing and Sales Staff: To handle promotion, customer acquisition, and retention.
  • Receptionists: To manage appointments, customer inquiries, and administrative tasks.

Providing ongoing training and professional development opportunities for your team is crucial for maintaining high standards of service and ensuring client satisfaction. Creating a supportive and collaborative work environment can also enhance employee retention and morale, contributing to your business’s overall success. Astanza’s Lifetime Training ensures that your staff stays updated with the latest clinical practices.

Proper training in laser safety and operation is essential. If you purchase a laser from Astanza, we will install the equipment and conduct onsite training for your staff. More details can be found on the Astanza Laser training page.

Astanza’s training division, New Look Laser College, offers a comprehensive two-day laser tattoo removal training program for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. This program provides necessary information on laser tattoo removal devices and laser physics, a hands-on training day, and business operations details. 

Training programs cover a wide range of topics, including laser physics, safety protocols, treatment techniques, and client management. Hands-on training with experienced professionals ensures you and your staff are well-prepared to perform procedures safely and effectively. Investing in high-quality training not only enhances your skills but also builds client trust and confidence in your services. Continuous education and staying updated with the latest industry advancements can further solidify your expertise and reputation. Astanza’s Lifetime Training and Clinical Support provide ongoing access to the latest clinical information and techniques.

Astanza Laser provides a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs start their laser tattoo removal or aesthetic laser business. These resources include business guides, market assessments, and financial planning tools. Detailed information and helpful materials are available on the Astanza Aesthetic Business Resources page.

Utilizing these resources can help you make informed decisions and develop a comprehensive business plan. Networking with industry professionals, joining relevant associations and participating in online forums or webinars can also provide valuable insights and support. Learning from the experiences of other successful business owners and staying informed about industry trends can further enhance your chances of success. Astanza’s Business Builder System offers extensive support to help you navigate the complexities of starting and promoting your business.

Starting a laser tattoo removal or aesthetic laser business often requires a lower initial investment compared to other medical or aesthetic ventures while offering a high potential for profitability. The demand for tattoo removal and aesthetic services continues to grow, providing a steady client base. Additionally, with the proper training and high-quality equipment, these businesses can achieve a rapid return on investment compared to other service-oriented businesses.

Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retail businesses, laser tattoo removal and aesthetic laser services offer higher margins and recurring revenue from repeat clients. The ability to expand service offerings and attract a diverse clientele also enhances business stability and growth potential. By focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement, entrepreneurs can build a successful and sustainable business in this thriving industry. Astanza’s 3-Business Day Service Guarantee ensures your equipment remains operational, maximizing your revenue opportunities.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Devices

Asclepion PicoStar® backed by Astanza

Astanza Trinity

Astanza Duality Signature

Astanza EternityTSR

The Most Powerful Picosecond Laser on the Market

Remove tattoos in less sessions with the powerful PicoStar®, designed with 2.0 GW of power and up to 400 ps pulse duration.

A Triple Wavelength Tattoo Removal System

Produces 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm wavelengths in one device for full-spectrum tattoo removal.

Astanza’s First Branded Nanosecond Tattoo Removal Laser

A powerful Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths to remove the most popular ink colors found in tattoos.

An Advanced Ruby Laser for Resistant Ink Colors

A cutting-edge ruby laser with a 694 nm wavelength to remove vivid blue, green, and purple ink.

Laser Hair Removal Device & Accessories

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza

The Most Powerful Diode Laser in the Market

Provide long-lasting hair removal treatments with our duo-wavelength (810 nm/940 nm) diode laser with integrated skin-cooling technology that treats all skin colors, including tanned skin.

360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Small

Treat smaller areas like upper lips or peach fuzz with more accuracy in minutes.

360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Medium

Remove unwanted hair from armpits or back of a neck with the medium handpiece.

360° Monolith Skin-Cooling Handpieces: Large and Extra-Large

Treat a full back or a pair of legs with either larger Monolith handpiece options.

Vascular Handpiece

Expand your treatment capabilities by adding the vascular handpiece, treating spider veins and other concerns with the 940 nm wavelength.

Other Types of Laser Equipment

The Asclepion QuadroStar PROYELLOW Backed by Astanza

The Asclepion QuadroStar PRO
YELLOW, backed by Astanza

The First Yellow Table Top Laser for Pigmented Lesions and Vascular Treatments

The Asclepion DermaBlate® Backed by Astanza

The Gold Standad for Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Zimmer Cryo 6

An Advanced Cooling System for More Comfortable Treatments

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