5 Tips for Tattoo Artists Starting a Tattoo Removal Business


Tattoo removal is a booming industry as the number of inked individuals with accompanying tattoo regret grows. Are you a skilled tattoo artist seeking to elevate your services? Integrating a sought-after treatment like laser tattoo removal into your established business enhances client satisfaction and boosts profitability. However, launching a tattoo removal business requires more than just buying a laser device and starting to remove tattoos. It requires proper education, quality equipment, effective marketing strategies, and exceptional customer service. In this blog post, we provide five tips for tattoo artists who are looking to start a tattoo removal business, from laser tattoo removal training to marketing your business and everything in between.

1. Laser Tattoo Removal Training

The first step in starting a tattoo removal business is gaining the necessary education to safely and effectively perform laser tattoo removal. Tattoo artists may start their training process by joining a reliable and certified entity that specializes in laser tattoo removal. Make sure the training school offers the necessary certifications that are required in your state. 

New Look Laser College (NLLC), Astanza’s training division, offers a two-day training program dedicated solely to laser tattoo removal. NLLC provides hands-on experience, explains the science behind laser tattoo removal, the importance of a reliable tattoo removal laser, and business tips to effectively market your business. New Look has recently announced its entire 2024 course schedule, with locations in Dallas, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, and Pittsburgh. With the successful completion of the course, students are awarded three tattoo removal training certifications: Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Certification, Certified Laser Specialist, and Laser Safety Officer Certification.

Below are the upcoming tattoo removal training courses available:


Find the date that fits your schedule, and sign up today! Qualify for the $300 early-bird tuition discount when registering at least two months in advance.

2. Invest in Quality Equipment

There are various tattoo removal lasers that any tattoo artist can choose to invest in for their shop. However, not all laser tattoo removal devices are created with the success of the tattoo removal business in mind. It’s essential to find a laser device with the most up-to-date technology in the market. This allows tattoo artists to perform tattoo removal sessions with ease while providing exceptional results. 

As reputable tattoo artists, it is crucial to explore the diverse range of tattoo removal lasers available, ensuring you select the best one to complement and enhance your business. A Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths may be a great choice to start with because of its safety and versatility. The Astanza Duality Signature, a laser device with these wavelengths, is able to remove the most common ink colors found in tattoos. These colors include black, brown, red, orange, and yellow. The Duality Signature aids tattoo artists looking to expand their business into the laser industry. 

Learn how the Duality Signature Benefits Tattoo Studios

Rather than sending clients elsewhere to get laser removal, artists can keep clients in their studios. Laser tattoo removal gives artists more creative freedom for tattoo modifications and coverups; leading to happier clients and increased revenue.

Inside the Laser: The Duality Signature

If you’re a tattoo artist who continually sees patients with more vibrant colors, such as blue or green that can be difficult to cover up, it may be beneficial to add a Q-switched ruby laser to your tattoo removal business. Ruby lasers emit a 694 nm wavelength, which targets these bright ink colors more effectively than Nd:YAG lasers. To combat rare or resistant ink colors, Astanza offers the EternityTSR, the most powerful ruby laser that provides patients with great results in fewer sessions than other ruby lasers.

Investing in a quality laser device also comes with benefits outside of the technology. You should be equipped with wraparound support for your aesthetic business in addition to your tattoo removal laser. Astanza provides this with the Astanza Experience, a well-rounded system offered to clients throughout the lifetime of their aesthetic laser business. This system includes a 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, Lifetime Training and Clinical Support, and our Business Builder System. Learn more about each key component of the Astanza Experience here.

3. Marketing Your Tattoo Removal Business

Marketing your tattoo removal business is crucial to ensure long term success. There are various ways to market and advertise, from in-house events to community referrals to promoting your new service on social media. It’s important to have a strategy that can easily be followed, whichever way you go.

Local advertising can be a fast and less costly way to attract clients to your laser tattoo removal business. Creating special packages, such as two laser tattoo removal sessions + a cover-up tattoo, is a great way to encourage clients to seek both services from your business. Informing your cover-up tattoo clients about your laser tattoo removal services empowers them with choices, allowing for alternatives beyond simply blacking out or heavily concealing undesired tattoos.

Marketing on social media platforms can help you reach more customers without exceeding your advertising budget. Our on-demand webinar provides the latest tips and tricks on how to market your aesthetic laser business on Instagram, enabling you to expand your customer base even further.

4. Encourage Client Reviews

It’s important to create a Google My Business account for your tattoo removal business to get noticed by more people, and for Google to increase your search ranking results. This way, your service can be highlighted with key business information, including your hours of operation, location, contact methods, images of before and after results, and reviews.

It is crucial for businesses to have positive reviews as potential customers often research them before making any purchase decisions. Encouraging your clientele to leave reviews builds trust and furthers the relationship. Consider offering exclusive discounts or special rewards to clients who leave a review. This can motivate them to come back for future purchases and also spread positive word-of-mouth. This strategy can help tattoo artists obtain reviews while also providing an incentive to their clients to return for their next tattoo removal session.

5. Create Loyalty Programs

Implementing enticing promotions serves as an excellent strategy to initiate loyalty programs for a laser tattoo removal business. Tattoo artists can craft diverse packages, introduce loyalty stamp cards, and provide other incentives to keep customers coming back. 

Creating these loyalty programs increases customer retention and the lifetime value of the business, as long as they are communicated clearly. Moreover, giving customers a sense of appreciation and value can increase word-of-mouth marketing. This elevates your business’ brand reputation and further establishes you as a trusted tattoo artist and laser tattoo removal provider.

How to Get Started as a Tattoo Removal Practitioner

If you’ve been looking to expand your tattoo studio into the laser tattoo removal industry, we can help. Contact Astanza today to learn more about tattoo removal training, tattoo removal lasers, and the Astanza Experience. Give us a call at 800-364-9010 or email us at info@astanzalaser.com

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