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The Asclepion MeDioStar®, backed by Astanza, is a diode laser hair removal machine featuring the biggest spot size and safe for all skin types. Treat unwanted hair with this duo-wavelength (810/940 nm) hair removal laser, and destroy the hair follicle from the root. Provide safe, effective, and a long-lasting solution to smooth hair-free skin.

This eBook will relay information on our diode hair removal laser and why it can be the next addition to your med spa.

  • What Is the MeDioStar®?
  • Diode Laser Technology
  • Technology, Capabilities, and Unique Features
  • Available Handpieces
  • Benefitting Your Business with the MeDioStar®

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hand touching the screen of a MeDioStar laser hair removal device.

Discover the MeDioStar® Laser

This laser hair removal device features an intuitive design and advanced technology, revolutionizing aesthetic practices. With its Monolith 360º skin-cooling handpieces, practitioners can perform comfortable hair removal treatments. The Inside the Laser: The MeDioStar® eBook gives more detail on the type of handpieces available.

Additionally, the MeDioStar® can be used to treat vascular concerns, such as spider veins, with the optional vascular handpiece. This handpiece has a 940 nm wavelength with a homogeneous flat-top beam profile. This rectangular spot size (4 x 3 mm) enables a complete treatment without any overlap.

Watch the pre-recorded webinar version of Inside the Laser: The MeDioStar® to hear from our expert Astanza team members.

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