What to Look For in an Aesthetic Laser Demo

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What to Look For in an Aesthetic Laser Demo
If you’ve reached the point in your purchasing journey where you’re considering requesting a laser demonstration, you’ve likely already navigated your financing options, business model, training, and more. However, it’s just as important to determine what you hope to accomplish from a laser demo. Whether your demo is virtual (via video conferencing) or in-person, it’s crucial to outline what you want to gain from the demo with your representative so that they can answer all your questions and meet your needs.
Most laser demos, including Astanza virtual demos, should include the following: 

Agreed Upon Desired Outcomes of the Demo 

What do you hope to accomplish by viewing a laser demo? Perhaps you want to see real-time patient reactions to treatments with the device, or you may want to see a comprehensive overview of the interface to understand how to operate the laser.

For example, when demoing a tattoo removal laser, the viewer may hope to see treatments performed on tattoos with various ink colors, placements, and patients with different skin types. Communicating what you’d like to see/understand through the demo with your representative ahead of time allows them to coordinate the appropriate patients to improve your demo experience. Without agreeing on what will create a successful demo for you, the viewer, a demo might not live up to your expectations.

Overview of the Device

You’re likely already familiar with the device’s main features if you’re viewing a laser demo. However, starting your demo with an overview of the device can help refresh your memory and prompt new questions. A device overview during a laser demo should include various features, including treatment indications, spot size, wavelengths, power, electrical requirements, device dimensions, etc.

Walk-Through of Settings and User Interface

During your demo, it’s essential you and your representative walk through the device’s settings and interface. Doing so will give you a better understanding of how to operate the laser and what to expect while treating a patient. Merely going through the process of turning on the device, adjusting settings, and selecting treatment parameters can increase your comfort level with the device (think of this as your “test drive”).

View Live or Recorded Treatments

Of course, you’ll need to view real treatments during your laser demo! Make sure to clarify with your representative beforehand what types of treatments you’d like to see – and on which patient skin types. Not only will different skin types require different treatment parameters, but they may also produce differing reactions. Allow time for your representative to coordinate the types of patients you’d like to see, or at least find pre-recorded footage to share.

Review of Before and Afters

Watching laser treatments during your demo is crucial, but don’t forget to examine the results! Be sure to ask for a strong collection of before and after photos (and progress photos) for the treatments performed with the laser you’re considering. Ask questions like, What treatment settings did the practitioner use to produce these results? How many total treatments did this patient require? How much downtime did the patient have in between each session? 

Get Your Questions Ready!

Your questions matter! A laser demo is a perfect time to ask deeper questions about the device at hand and further explore its capabilities. Bring a list of questions to your laser demo, and don’t shy away from lingering on a subject during the demo if you feel you don’t understand it fully.  Naturally, you’ll have more questions come up during your meeting, and any representative would be happy to continue the conversation with you.

Request a Laser Demo Today!

Astanza Laser is proud to offer virtual laser demos to our interested parties! We love helping clients and prospects learn more about our aesthetic laser product line. While we still provide laser demonstrations at our Dallas headquarters, we’re excited to offer this convenient new option to accommodate those with busy schedules or travel restrictions. To be eligible to view a virtual laser demo, you must pre-qualify for financing. Click here to pre-qualify now. Request your aesthetic laser demonstration with Astanza today! 

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