Upgrading Your Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

The spooky season may be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean switching your laser technology has to be scary. With our new state-of-the-art PicoStar laser, you can upgrade your current technology to the fastest pico laser in the market.

Whether you’re already a laser tattoo removal practitioner or have been looking to improve your technology, Asclepion’s PicoStar, backed by Astanza, offers more efficient treatments for better results.

Nanoseconds vs. Picoseconds

Nanosecond technology breaks ink pigment down into tiny particles, which can be broken down further by the lymphatic system and the immune system cells. Compared to nano lasers, the Picostar’s ultra-short 400 ps pulses fragment tattoos into much smaller particles. The immune system can efficiently split up these particles, making pico treatments a faster process to remove unwanted tattoos.

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Additionally, patients feel less pain during treatment thanks to the PicoStar’s exceptionally fast pulses. Since each ink fragment gets broken down into smaller particles, patients require fewer treatments than nanosecond technology.

PicoStar Handpieces

The PicoStar has four different handpieces created specifically for ease and comfort during treatments.

  • PicoStar_Zoom_ST with hand HR-1Zoom ST Handpiece: The PicoStar comes with a Zoom ST handpiece (shown to the right), the standard accessory with 532nm and 1064 nm wavelengths to treat tattoo ink. Its lightweight and modern design help practitioners easily maneuver the handpiece. It also has a rotating bezel to change the spot size for each treatment.
  • Flat-Top 532 and 1064: These flat-top handpieces have the largest spot size available (16mm) for 1064 nm. Although these handpieces deliver initial laser tattoo removal, they are more commonly used for treating pigmented lesions and rejuvenating skin.
  • Microspot Pico: Lastly, the Microspot PICO handpiece has a spot size of 7x7mm2 with 64 single spots for 1064 nm that can help treat the skin consistently. Its precise laser beam gives patients a shorter downtime in their skin rejuvenation process and also treats acne scars.

Most Profitable Laser

As laser tattoo removal continues to rise in popularity, so does the revenue that a practitioner can make with this high-demand treatment. In one treatment, the average price for laser tattoo removal is between $100 to $500, depending on the tattoo’s size. Since each patient needs an average of five to ten sessions for removal, and the average charge is $200 per session and 15 minutes per appointment, a practitioner can make $800 per hour.

Furthermore, since the PicoStar laser can treat tattoos faster than other laser technology, a practitioner can double their revenue per hour.

However, Asclepion’s PicoStar, backed by Astanza, treats more than tattoos. Investing in this picosecond technology could expand your services to clients looking to treat other skin concerns, such as pigmented lesions. Brown spots, age spots, and sun spots are all pigmented lesions that can bring additional revenue to your business.

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If you’re a current Astanza Laser provider, we are so grateful for you being part of the Astanza family. If you’re curious about upgrading your existing technology or learning more about the PicoStar, contact an Astanza account representative today!

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