Inside the Laser Series: An In-Depth Look at Astanza’s Lasers

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When getting into the aesthetic laser business, the most crucial part is choosing your specialty and what type of laser to use for your services. However, learning the details and differences between each laser can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with aesthetic laser devices. Astanza’s new webinar series, Inside the Laser, gives an in-depth look at each of Astanza’s lasers, hosted by our laser experts and biomedical engineers. All your questions will be answered during each webinar with the opportunity for live Q&A.

Introducing Inside the Laser

Our new Inside the Laser series breaks down Astanza’s entire product line, featuring one laser device per episode. Practitioners, entrepreneurs, and tattoo shop owners looking to expand their services or start their businesses can tune in to each webinar to get a clear idea of each laser’s primary functions.

Astanza’s lasers range from tattoo removal technology that can treat all ink colors, to hair removal lasers that can also perform vascular treatments and even lasers that provide skin resurfacing procedures. Having this detailed knowledge when purchasing your laser is essential to get as much return on your investment as possible. There could be treatments available in a laser that you weren’t initially aware of, decreasing your target clientele and potential revenue.

Inside the Laser: The PicoStar®

The first installment of our brand-new webinar series Inside the Laser is the Asclepion PicoStar®, backed by Astanza. The PicoStar® is the fastest picosecond laser on the market, breaking down tattoo ink into smaller particles than nanosecond lasers. Its max pulse of up to 400 picoseconds and power of 2.0 GW makes treatments faster and more effective. Patients have also reported less pain during treatment thanks to this ultra-fast pulse duration. Download the PicoStar® brochure to learn more.

Astanza’s goal for this webinar is to inform our audience about the PicoStar®’s primary purposes, with a summary of the additional handpieces that can grow your practice’s services. The live webinar, hosted through Zoom, will allow our audience to ask questions in real time so they’re able to get expert answers from our award-winning team.

The PicoStar® comes standard with the Zoom ST handpiece, removing tattoos with either the 1064 nm or 532 nm wavelength, and an easily adjustable spot size of 2 to 5 millimeters. In addition to the standard handpiece, practitioners can purchase the Flat-Top 532 nm and Flat-Top 1064 nm handpieces to get a spot size up to 16 millimeters – the largest spot size on the market. If you want to treat more than tattoos, the PicoStar® can also remove pigmented lesions and treat acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles with the MicroSpot handpiece.

Tune in on December 13th, 2022, at noon central time to join our live PicoStar® webinar.

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Upcoming Inside the Laser Webinars 

Astanza Laser prides itself on having accessible information readily available for anyone interested in purchasing a laser or wanting to learn more about the aesthetic laser industry as a whole. With this in mind, our Inside the Laser webinar series will include details on each device so that our attendees can clearly understand the best device for their practice.

Below are the scheduled dates for our Inside the Laser segment:

Check out each of the upcoming webinars and reserve your spot today!

Contact Astanza 

Astanza Laser provides FDA-cleared lasers that are safe for all skin types and yield impressive results. As part of The Astanza Experience, people who buy an Astanza laser receive extensive business and marketing support from the moment the laser is installed. Take advantage of Astanza’s resources to use for upcoming promotions and holidays.

Contact Astanza for more information on starting your aesthetic laser business.

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