Indiana Prison Ministry Offers Inmates a Fresh Start with Laser Tattoo Removal

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Astanza Laser believes in changing lives through aesthetic laser procedures.  Laser tattoo removal is an incredibly impactful tool for people wanting to part with offensive tattoos, gang-related ink, human trafficking tattoos, and tattoos received under duress that mark a dark time in their lives.

The Jail Ministry of Elkhart County is changing lives through elective laser tattoo removal available to inmates. By removing gang-related and offensive tattoos using the Astanza Duality, inmates can leave behind past associations that would hinder their reentry into society and finding employment.  150 inmates have already started the elective tattoo removal process in the one month it has been available.

Upon hearing of the ministry’s work, Jake Kinsey, co-owner of Goshen Ink Therapy and Body Piercing, offered to provide free cover-up tattoos.  Once a person’s tattoo is light enough from laser treatment and they are released, they can receive a free tattoo to further cover up their newly faded ones at Goshen’s tattoo shop.

Several non-profits similar to the Jail Ministry of Elkhart County are investing in Astanza Laser Technology to offer free or discounted tattoo removal to benefit their communities.

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To highlight more of their work, Astanza is hosting DeInked for a Cause: The Story of Non-Profit Laser Tattoo Removal, a special webinar on October 16.  Viewers will learn how to get started, market laser tattoo removal as a non-profit, attract funding, hear from successful non-profits and more.  The webinar also features an extensive question-and-answer period, and questions and feedback are highly encouraged!

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