Get Your Aesthetic Laser Business in the Holiday Spirit!

At Astanza, we’re grateful for the people we’ve partnered with and are excited to create new relationships with other businesses. We want to thank everyone who has entrusted us with their business and has become part of the #AstanzaFamily; we would not be where we are today without your constant support and loyalty.

This holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on your relationships with clients and think of how you can thank them for their devotion to your aesthetic practice. Whether you create a limited-time Thanksgiving promotion, offer special discounts for Black Friday, or host a social media contest for the holidays – these festivities are a great way to express gratitude, expand your business, and keep happy customers coming back to your practice.

Get Your Customers to Gobble Up These Deals

As Thanksgiving rolls around, your clients will likely have family and friends coming into town to share a meal and give thanks for all this year has provided. Therefore, Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to get more potential customers and offer referral discounts. You can encourage existing clients to bring a friend or family member they’re thankful for to receive a discounted service or product.

Whether you offer a two-for-one package or a buy-one-get-one-half discount, a special promotion can show your gratitude for your clients while at the same time increasing your exposure to potential new customers.

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Black Friday 101

We all know Black Friday can be a crazy time with long lines everywhere you look and people hunting for the best deals they can find. However, if you’re looking for a way to thank your community, Black Friday can be a great way to give out discounts to loyal customers.

One way your customers will indeed feel appreciated is to send an email with a unique discount code for existing clients to mention at their next appointment. Since this Black Friday falls on the 26th of November, a great example is offering 26% off laser treatments like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and skin resurfacing.

Are you looking to increase your clientele? Create an event for potential clients to visit your space during Black Friday and offer a discount to people who book an appointment during the event. Bonus points: If you provide multiple services, show them you care by offering a free add-on to their selected treatment package!

Make sure to start marketing these deals as soon as possible on your social media profiles and website for new and loyal customers to plan out their Black Friday shopping.

Ugly Holiday Sweaters Won’t Know What Hit Them

Looking for a fun way to give back to your followers on social media? Create a contest for people to submit their most ridiculous tattoos to your social media page!

Just like ugly sweater parties, consider hosting an ugly tattoo event. Make a light-hearted post to encourage existing and potential clients to share their most regrettable tattoos, and in return, one lucky winner can get a prize of your choice! Reshare your favorite pictures and use suitable hashtags to engage with your community. Some examples include #uglytattoocontest, #holidaytattoos, or #tattoosgonewrong.

Some great prizes to consider giving away are an entire treatment package or a single free session. Another tip is to make sure you clearly state the requirements for a person to enter your giveaway successfully. An example could be “Post a picture of your most ridiculous tattoo, tag us in your picture, and follow our page!”. If you’re looking to get more clients from this giveaway, consider adding a requirement that makes your current clients tag someone they think would be interested in your aesthetic practice. Finally, make sure to share the person who won to create a sense of trust in your community.

Spread joy and show your clients how grateful you are for them. Have fun with any of the events you decide to create! Celebrate your clients, your practice, and the best time of the year.


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