Duality Signature Provides Powerful Results and Increased Profits

Duality Signature Provides Powerful Results and Increased Profits

The Astanza Duality Signature is an innovative laser tattoo removal device for aesthetic laser businesses. The Duality Signature’s advanced laser technology can also help aesthetic business owners expand their services with its multiple treatment capabilities to increase profits. Learn how the Duality Signature provides powerful results beyond laser tattoo removal with a microbeam DF handpiece treatment done by Astanza’s Director of Training and Education, Krystal Haney.


Microbeam DF Handpiece Treatment

The Duality Signature has optional handpieces that can be added to the laser tattoo removal device. These handpieces create numerous treatments that a practitioner may have not thought about before. One additional accessory is the microbeam 8 mm DF handpiece, designed with a fractionated beam, creating the ability to perform semi-ablative treatments.

Astanza’s Director of Training and Education, Krystal Haney, explains what the microbeam 8 mm DF handpiece is and what it can be used for. In the video below, Krystal shows how to treat a scar with the DF handpiece. The DF handpiece differs from the Opti-Beam II standard handpieces used for laser tattoo removal and benign pigmented lesions. This handpiece slightly perforates the skin to activate collagen production in the affected tissue. This effect allows scars to become smoother after a few treatments, averaging about one to three treatments for complete resurfacing.


Watch the full treatment video here:


Increase Your Aesthetic Practice’s Profits

There are various ways of increasing profits with the Duality Signature laser machine. A laser tattoo removal specialist can charge, on average, about $200 per session; depending on varying factors such as the size of the tattoo and the depth, color, and type of ink. Laser practitioners can complete most tattoo removal sessions in 15 minutes, conservatively. This means that a tattoo removal specialist can bring in an average of $800 gross revenue in one single hour!

Furthermore, adding the DF handpiece with the Duality Signature establishes your aesthetic business as an elite skin specialist clinic. Specialty clinics and laser businesses can charge a premium since they’re offering premium services. Advanced skin specialists could charge around $400 per session on laser tattoo removal treatments, bringing in almost double what an entry-level specialist could make in an hour. Additionally, with the DF handpiece, one could charge around $450 per session for a scar laser treatment. 


The Difference in the Duality Signature Laser Device

The Duality Signature stands out from other laser tattoo removal devices thanks to its advanced technology, delivering incredible results. Looking for a truly effective and reliable way to remove unwanted tattoos? The Duality Signature is the ideal choice. This duo-wavelength laser machine emits 1064 nm and 532 nm, allowing practitioners to remove the most popular ink colors (red, brown, yellow, orange, and black).

It’s essential to have the most advanced laser machines available as laser technology continually advances. Astanza’s Duality Signature is that, featuring multiple pulse duration options, handpieces with Opti-Beam II technology, and a powerful energy output. 

Learn more about the technical specifications, revenue streams, and treatment capabilities by watching our on-demand webinar, Inside the Laser: The Duality Signature. Get the pre-recorded video sent to your inbox instantly when you fill out the form here or click on the image below.

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Aesthetic Laser Business Success with Astanza by Your Side

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate and patient expectations are growing, the Astanza Duality Signature stands out as a game-changer for aesthetic laser practices worldwide. With its unmatched versatility and revenue potential, backed by Astanza’s support and comprehensive resources, the Duality Signature empowers practitioners to thrive in a highly competitive industry. Experience the transformative power of the Duality Signature and unlock new potential for your practice. Join us at the forefront of innovation and take your aesthetic laser practice to new heights of success and recognition.


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