Astanza Earns Two Inc. 2023 Best in Business Awards


Astanza is excited to announce with great honor we’ve been recognized in two categories for Inc.’s 2023 Best in Business Awards! This is the first time Astanza has earned a spot on Inc.’s renowned Best in Business Awards list, and we’re incredibly honored to be named in two categories: Business Services and Correctional Re-Entry Services. Through the Astanza Experience, we provide fast service, lifetime training and clinical support, and tailored business and marketing strategies alongside advanced laser technology. Continue reading this article to learn more about Inc.’s Best in Business Awards, Astanza’s offerings, and how you can join our mission of changing lives together.

Inc.’s 2023 Best in Business Awards

Inc.’s Best in Business Awards were created to recognize companies making a positive impact on their communities, their industry, and the world. Inc. writes the 2023 list honors 215 total companies nationwide that are putting purpose on par with profits.

We go beyond laser sales at Astanza – we’re in the business of transformation. Our mission of changing lives extends to transforming the lives of our valued team members through a dynamic and fulfilling work environment. We’re equally committed to changing our clients’ lives by empowering them to launch and expand successful aesthetic businesses. Hand in hand with our clients, Astanza is dedicated to changing lives together. 

“Earning these recognitions is especially meaningful because it solidifies our belief we’re positively impacting our clients and the communities they serve,” said David Murrell, President of Astanza. “Our team exemplifies Astanza’s core values daily, and being honored with these awards confirms that.”

Astanza has been recognized in two categories on Inc.’s 2023 Best in Business Awards. Earning a spot on Inc.’s Best in Business: Business Services list, Astanza is among 14 companies recognized this year. Only three companies were honored with awards in the Correctional Re-Entry Services category, including Astanza

Dallas Innovates shared Astanza is one of eight companies headquartered in North Texas that have been recognized on Inc.’s Best in Business List for creating a positive impact this year.

Putting Purpose Alongside Profit

Our mission of changing lives together attracts organizations that share common values. It also inspires our for-profit clients to incorporate giving back to their communities through the laser services they provide, such as tattoo removal. Astanza’s Community Day, hosted at our headquarters in Dallas, is our way of giving back by offering free laser tattoo removal to those who have been formerly incarcerated, affected by human trafficking, or have visible hand and face tattoos hindering employment opportunities.

Everyone deserves a second chance and we are passionate about helping people gain confidence and begin new lives with a clean slate. If you’re interested in learning more about providing nonprofit laser tattoo removal or adding tattoo removal to a correctional facility, contact us today! We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Methodology Behind Choosing the Best in Business Honorees

Companies are eligible with three main qualifying factors: Privately held, headquartered in the U.S., and independent, aka not a subsidiary. 

The methodology behind choosing the honorees involves multiple steps of evaluation, consideration, and grading. Inc.’s panel of experienced editors is divided into three teams. Each team evaluates and assigns a letter grade to each application based on evidence of altruistic accomplishments provided in the application relative to the company’s size. For instance, they emphasize that an enterprise with 500-plus employees needs to demonstrate more of a positive impact than a startup with 10 employees. Initiatives and accomplishments that go beyond simply serving the company’s clients or bottom line are what the judges look for. The data team sorts and averages grades and ranks companies by overall score, indicating where judging teams begin to diverge clearly in agreement. Paring the list down from there is how the 215 awardees were selected for this year’s Best in Business Awards.

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Are you interested in learning more? Ready to start an aesthetic laser business or nonprofit organization? We’re here to help! Contact Astanza today, and one of our team members will guide you every step of the way.

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