Your Guide to Researching Laser Tattoo Removal Regulations in Your State

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Your Guide to Researching Aesthetic Laser Regulations in Your State


Finding the laser regulations in your state is a critical step when purchasing an aesthetic laser. In fact, we recommend first researching your state’s laws on the laser procedures you’re interested in offering at your med spa, laser clinic, plastic surgery center, or tattoo shop before considering lasers, financing, marketing, etc. Information on laser laws is not always readily available or easy to find, so we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for simplifying your research. 

Business owners will save time and energy by researching laser regulations in their state at the beginning of their buying process. Each state has different regulations surrounding various procedures dictating who is legally able to perform a certain treatment, what certification/training is required, and what oversight is necessary. Determining if you are legally able to perform and offer specific treatments in your area with your current qualifications will simplify your laser-buying process and save you time in the long run.   

Astanza Laser’s clinical directors and business development managers have gathered their most helpful tidbits and strategies they’ve found and compiled them into this must-read eBook. Our team of experts has helped countless clients navigate their search for laser regulations over the years, and they’ve collected a wide portfolio of helpful tidbits, strategies, and best practices for researching laser regulations for different aesthetic procedures in each state. Be sure to check out the coordinating webinar, “Tips for Researching Your State’s Laser Regulations.” Click here to watch now!

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State Regulation Topics You’ll Learn More About:

  • What sources can I trust? 
  • Laser classifications explained 
  • Who can perform ablative vs. non-ablative treatments?
  • Laser hair removal, tattoo removal, permanent makeup, and natural pigmentation
  • Laws, regulations, statutes, and advisory opinions on lasers
  • Do I need a license to fire a laser?

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