Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal

The Best Technology for Removing Tattoos

Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal TreatmentRemoving a tattoo is a personal, aesthetic choice for patients.  Many people get tattoos at a young age or at a different stage in their life, and their tastes change over time.

Q-switched lasers offer the best results for patients suffering from tattoo regret and are the only option that returns skin to its natural appearance.

How It’s Different

Tattoo removal with a laser is the one true option to safely remove unwanted tattoos without scarring. Until recently, the main option for tattoo removal was surgical excision, which is costly and leaves a large scar in place of the tattoo.

Starting in the 70’s and 80’s, patients started to get laser treatment for their tattoos with CO2 lasers. Unlike modern tattoo removal systems, C02 lasers would cause a large scar in place of the tattoo. While it did eliminate the ink, it would also cause excessive damage to the skin.

In recent decades, additional “alternative” methods that are not viable methods for removal have become disturbingly popular. The injection method of tattoo removal – in which acids and other solutions are needle-injected into the tattoo in a grid pattern – often causes widespread scarring and provides minimal ink clearance. Tattoo removal creams, now sold online and in retail stores, are merely repackaged bleaching cream that is ineffective at lighting tattoo inks trapped in the dermal layer of skin.

Q-switched lasers started to be utilized for laser tattoo removal in the late 90’s, and the technology has progressed immensely since then to give faster removal and better results for a wider range of ink colors and skin tones.

How It Works

A Q-switched laser is the only technology that is able to penetrate down to the dermis and shatter tattoo ink without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. All other methods either aren’t capable of reaching and destroying the ink or cause too much damage to the skin, resulting in scarring.

Tattoo Removal Laser Results Photos

Q-switched lasers are unique because they use an intense pulse of light energy that is very powerful and very brief. Because the energy is in the skin for such a brief period of time, the skin isn’t heated long enough to experience tissue damage. Yet, because the pulse of energy is so intense, the tattoo ink instantly fragments into smaller pieces as it absorbs the light.

After the treatment, the tattoo ink that is shattered will be eliminated by the body’s natural immune processes. Each laser treatment breaks down progressively more ink until the tattoo has been visibly erased.

Different Types of Q-Switched Lasers

Laser Tattoo Removal Q-switched TreatmentQ-switched lasers work by sending light energy into the tattoo to shatter the tattoo ink. However, because different colors of tattoo ink absorb light differently, there are a variety of Q-switched lasers designed for treating different tattoo colors.

The most popular laser for tattoo removal is the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser because it produces two wavelengths of light energy (1064 nm and 532 nm) for the greatest versatility when treating ink colors.

The 1064 nm wavelength targets darker colors such as black, blue, green, and violet while the 532 nm wavelength targets brighter colors such as red, orange, yellow, and pink.

Some shades of green and blue – such as lime green and turquoise – and some black inks have traditionally been resistant to treatment with the 1064 nm wavelength. For these rare colors (present in about 5-10% of tattoos), a third wavelength designed for treating resistant inks is useful. Q-switched ruby lasers, which produce a 694 nm wavelength, are a proven, trusted choice that is perfect for targeting resistant shades of ink.

Leading Technology from a Leader in the Field

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