Product Training

Gain Knowledge to Gain Confidence

Laser tattoo removal is a straightforward procedure to perform, but practitioners need proper training to give the best treatments possible.

Astanza takes product training to new heights and gives practitioners the tools they need to provide optimal results.

Through hands-on experience and extensive education, practitioners learn how to assess patient skin, determine laser settings, and give excellent treatments.

All on-location training for clients is customized to your exact laser and your practices’ needs.

Plan on using your Q-switched laser for its other cleared indications? Just let us know and we’ll guide you through taking full advantage of your system’s capabilities.

All Astanza laser purchases come with complete installation and training for the practitioner and their staff at your location, as part of the Free Lifetime Training and Clinical Support feature of The Astanza Experience. For information on training prior to purchasing, learn more here.

Expert Instructors

Astanza training instructors are laser tattoo removal experts with years of clinical experience with Q-switched lasers.

Unlike other aesthetic laser manufacturers that have jack-of-all-trades training staff with limited real-world experience, Astanza has instructors that know this precise field intimately.

Trainers have extensive knowledge that extends beyond operation of the laser; they are valuable resources happy to answer any questions you may have about clinic operations, marketing advice, and more.

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In-Depth Curriculum

When Astanza does a product installation and training session, we cover the same comprehensive curriculum covered in New Look Laser College’s course. New Look Laser College, the training division of Astanza, is the first laser training program with a specialized focus on laser tattoo removal and is widely considered to be the preeminent destination for learning this specialized procedure. People from all over the world travel to attend NLLC and learn in-depth about this exciting field.

Topics covered include: hands-on treatment with real patients, practical knowledge of laser physics, laser-skin interaction, the science of tattoos, laser safety principles and practice, treatment protocols, and much more.

Product-Specific Training

Astanza customers receive customized training specific to the product that they’ve purchased and their unique needs as practitioners. Each laser has distinctive features and capabilities – and each product training session reflects these distinctions. Additionally, Astanza training instructors have a depth of knowledge to answer any question you may have.

We will customize your staff’s product training to your unique focuses as a clinic. All training clients will receive Laser Safety Officer (LSO) and Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) designations and certificates.

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