National Hair Removal Day

National Hair Removal Day (NHRD) is an official nationally recognized holiday celebrated annually on March 3rd. National Hair Removal Day was founded to celebrate advanced procedures to remove unwanted hair, including laser hair removal, electrolysis, and waxing. The purpose is to educate people on various hair removal methods, recognize the practitioners and businesses providing hair removal services, and normalize hair removal for both men and women.

Your friends from Astanza Laser have created a few downloadable, customizable graphics for hair removal practitioners to distribute to potential customers and promote their aesthetic services!

Numerous businesses around the world celebrate this day by offering discounts and special promotions to commemorate the amazing hair removal results advanced technology delivers.

Many interested consumers who wish to permanently remove unwanted hair use NHRD as an opportunity to finally ditch their razors and seek professional, longer-lasting hair removal services. Millions of people worldwide have at least one area of unwanted hair; hair removal is actually the most widely-sought-after cosmetic procedure for both men and women.

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If you are a laser hair removal practitioner, electrologist, esthetician or similar provider of professional hair removal services, don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the conversation and celebrate National Hair Removal Day! Download the free graphics on this page to share on social media and your website and be sure to follow NHRD on Facebook and use the hashtag #NationalHairRemovalDay and #NHRD to promote. For additional exposure, tag Astanza on your Instagram posts for a potential feature!

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