Take Advantage of Special Package Pricing with the Astanza MedSpa Start-Up Package

MedSpa Start-Up Package for under $200K

A Comprehensive Solution for New and Growing MedSpas

The Astanza MedSpa Start-Up package is geared to those looking for the best aesthetic equipment on the market and is looking to upgrade their current equipment or to add new services. 

The Astanza Complete Med Spa Start-Up package includes everything you need to upgrade your current equipment or start a Med Spa.  This includes the popular Trinity (Duality and Eternity) laser tattoo removal devices and ReSmooth for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.  This special package includes a Zimmer Cryo 6 Cold Air Device, training and more!

The retail value of this bundled package is over $385k for a savings of over $185k!!

Details of the Astanza Med Spa Start-Up Package

Trinity Tattoo Removal System

Combination of 1064/532nm Nd:YAG and 694nm Ruby Lasers

Astanza Accessory Kit

a. 3 pr 1064/532nm + 3 pr 694nm glasses; Patient Eye Shields

b. Ext. accessories (foot pedal, articulated arms, hand pieces)

 Astanza Trinity Parts & Service 2 Year Warranty Second year included with Bundle 

ReSmooth Hair Removal Laser

Standard handpiece and XL/XLS Handpiece 

810 & 940nm wavelengths, 1.4 cm sq spot size,

Up to 47 J/cm sq, Up to 12 Hz

Astanza ReSmooth Parts & Service 2 Year Warranty

(2nd year requires online registration)

Second-year included with Bundle 

Zimmer Cryo 6 Cold Air Device

Two-year warranty provided directly by Zimmer

Warranty and Service

  • 2 Year Parts & Service with Each Device

Other Package Benefits 

  • Astanza Customer Marketing Partnership 
  • On-Site Installation & Calibration by Astanza Service Engineer
  • Astanza In-Person Customer Training Session

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