10 Tips to Market Your Aesthetic Practice in 2020

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This eBook Details the Top 10 Tips to Market Your Aesthetic Practice and Succeed in 2020 (and Beyond)

The market for aesthetic practices is constantly changing. Whether you own a medical spa, a tattoo removal clinic, a laser practice, or a medical facility, there are numerous marketing strategies your business should consider implementing in order to grow in profitability, attract new prospective clients, and keep existing customers satisfied.

Our latest eBook, 10 Tips to Market Your Aesthetic Practice in 2020, covers 10 essential marketing tips that will help your aesthetic business thrive this year and for years to come:

  • Have an Annual Marketing Plan
  • Set Up a Marketing Calendar
  • Use “Traditional” Social Media
  • Use “New” Social Media
  • Add a New Service or New Technology
  • Build Customer Retention
  • Host More Events
  • Get Patient Reviews
  • Video, Video, Video
  • Seek Help from Vendors
eBook tips to market aesthetic practice

Marketing Your Aesthetic Practice the Same Way Year After Year is not Enough to Keep Your Audience Engaged

These 10 tips provide actionable strategies that will revitalize your business in 2020 and many years to come. Buying a laser and opening a business doesn’t guarantee booked appointments. Successful marketing strategies, continuous training, and a constant review of your marketing plans are the only way to achieve success and help your business (and revenue) grow. Be sure to check out the corresponding webinar for this eBook: 10 Marketing Tips for Your Aesthetic Practice.

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