Evolution Tattoo Removal Removes Multicolored Tattoos Featuring Astanza Trinity Laser in Portland, Maine

laser tattoo removal portland mainePORTLAND, MaineJuly 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Evolution Tattoo Removal is bringing advanced, full-spectrum laser tattoo removal to Portland, Maine starting August 2018.

“Evolution Tattoo Removal uses safe and effective laser technology as a tool to help our customers feel better about the art they wear,” said Jesse Herrick, owner. “We love tattoos and are most definitely going to get more ourselves, but sometimes people grow out of tattoos, or perhaps the tattoo doesn’t turn out as we originally envisioned. Laser tattoo removal is a positive tool that can help someone erase a regret or make room for awesome new artwork, fade down an existing tattoo for a cover-up, or transform a tattoo by removing specific elements. Our Trinity laser is capable of treating tattoos of all colors on all skin tones, making Evolution Tattoo Removal the number one solution for tattoo removal needs throughout Portland and Northern New England.”

The Astanza Trinity is a combination Q-switched system that features a special ruby wavelength. This 694 nm ruby wavelength selectively targets stubborn blue and green inks that are untreatable with traditional laser wavelengths.

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