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How Laser Pigmentation Treatments Work

Pigmented lesions are darker areas of the skin caused by excess melanin, and often come in the form of freckles, moles, age spots, cafe-au-lait spots, sunspots, and more. During treatment, laser pulses are applied directly to the complete area of the pigmented lesion. The skin cells containing excess melanin absorb the laser energy, heat up, and degenerate, all while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed. After treatment, the body’s immune system kicks in and flushes out the dead skin cells to reveal lighter, clearer skin, free of blemishes and pigmentation.

Before & Afters - Pigmentation

Before - Cheek After - Cheek
Hand - Before Hand- After
Hands - Before Hands - After
Forehead - Before Forehead - After

Rid Your Skin of Pigmentation Concerns

Most pigmented lesions can achieve complete removal after an adequate number of Q-Switched laser treatments. Patients who work with an Astanza provider can have peace of mind knowing treatments are being conducted by a certified professional using top-of-the-line laser technology. If you’re ready to rid your skin of pigmentation to reveal clear, beautiful skin, then be sure to find an Astanza provider near you.

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Find a Provider

Looking for treatments for tattoo removal, hair removal, pigmentation, vascular, or skin resurfacing? Click here to view our practioner directory and see if there's an Astanza provider near you.

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Learn More About Pigmentation Treatments

Learn More About Pigmentation Treatments

Click here to learn more about the science behind treating pigmented lesions with laser technology.

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NLLC Patient Sign Ups

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