How To Profit from Toenail Fungus Treatment

Astanza Laser, the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge tattoo removal lasers, has made a commitment to the field of laser removal of tattoos. Our lasers provide practitioners with the latest in tattoo removal technology. Laser tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that medical and dental practices, tattoo shops, and laser clinic entrepreneurs are adding in record numbers.

As part of Astanza’s commitment to the success of our customers, we are pleased to offer free training to customers that purchase our tattoo removal lasers – either the Astanza Duality or Astanza Trinity. Our clinical experts will travel to a customer location or offer training in our Houston training facility.

Practitioners using our systems – even those with prior experience with q-switched systems – benefit from our comprehensive training program. By incorporating a wide range of discussions and hands-on practice sessions, our in-house training experts transfer tattoo removal-specific knowledge to practitioners. Included in the training are the following:

Lectures and discussions: laser physics, introduction to tattoos and motivations for tattoo regret, history of tattoo removal and tattoo removal technology, skin & dermatology principles relevant to tattoo removal, side effects, treatment protocols, patient after care, and before, during, and after pictures of laser tattoo removal.

Hands-on clinical training: practical experience performing treatments with model patients that we help our practitioners acquire. There’s nothing like real experience to learn a new treatment, and we provide our practitioners with a great deal of reality-based education on how to remove tattoos. This includes removal of colorful tattoos, removal of dark tattoo, removal of facial tattoos and difficult-to-access tattoos, removal of professional versus homemade tattoos, dealing with difficult or resistant tattoos, etc.

Marketing and business operation support: most laser manufacturers have a power point presentation or glossy brochure suggesting how to make millions with a cosmetic laser, and imply that simply buying the laser will lead the patients knocking down the door. This is foolishness, and the lack of marketing support can limit the ability of practitioners to fully utilize their new equipment. Astanza understands that practitioners are acquiring a new source of income when they purchase a tattoo removal laser, not a box that sits in a back office unused. We share time-tested and proven marketing strategies that are customized for tattoo removal practice, recognizing the specific needs and message needed for this treatment.

To learn more about Astanza tattoo removal lasers or tattoo removal training, please contact a helpful and knowledge Astanza sales representative or corporate representative.