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What is the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch?

The DESCRIBE® PFD Patches provide laser tattoo removal practitioners the ability to do more than 1 pass during a single laser tattoo removal treatment.

Using the Patch, practitioners can achieve up to 3-4 laser passes per treatment as opposed to only 1 pass without the DESCRIBE PFD Patch. The Patch also helps the laser reach ink particles deep within the skin, which may be beneficial for older, more stubborn tattoos.

The DESCRIBE® PFD Patches are FDA cleared, small squares of silicone infused with PFD (Perfluorodecalin) – a completely inert, harmless liquid that allows practitioners to treat a tattoo several times with the laser in a single treatment session. The PFD liquid resides between two layers of silicone. The upper silicone layer prevents the PFD liquid from evaporating and protects the skin from heat emitted from the laser. The lower silicone layer gently adheres the Patch to the patient’s skin.

What are the Benefits?

Faster Results
Patients typically will see better results in fewer treatments. 

Added Value
Using the Patch adds to value to your business by increasing what you can charge patients and earn in revenue per treatment. 

Better Compliance
Patients using the PFD Patch tend to follow their treatment plans more closely, decreasing the chance of unwanted side-effects.



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DESCRIBE® PFD Patch Frequently Asked Questions
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The DESCRIBE® PFD Patch is a single-use, optical clearing device accessory for use in laser-assisted tattoo removal procedures. Side effects, including pain, erythema, and edema were reported during laser tattoo removal.The DESCRIBE® PFD Patch is available only through licensed physicians. For full product and safety information, please visit


† Compared to treatment without the Patch.

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